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Aztec Atheist


Run away from enemies and let their momentum allow them to fall off the map. A very simple game. The artwork will probably be harder than the programming.


There is only one level. You run around the top of the temple and avoid falling off the edge. Contact with an enemy means death.

Everyone has a “stability” (hp) bar that increases to maximum when they are on the temple and decreases when they are off the edge. When the bar hits zero, you fall off and die.

You cannot take enemies with you; enemies cannot fall while you are respawning. Any enemy killed between the time you begin falling and your death is respawned along with you.

There is a stone table in the middle of the arena. The game should animate jumping over it, running into it, etc for various characters.

The game perspective may be transformed into a trapezoid. The arena itself is logically implemented as a square.


Player character

The player character is an Aztec teenager. Short black hair, friendly smile. Simple design. Large eyes. Rounded-square eyebrows. Going name “Molé”.

The Guards

Guards with clubs and wooden shields. Nameless enemies. They look interchangeable.

Guard attack pattern: Move slowly to 90-degree angle fairly far from the player character, then accelerate in a straight line in the player's direction. They should be the easiest to make fall. Just get out of the way.

The Priest

A stereotypically withered old man in stereotypical priestly robes. Looks evil.

Priest attack pattern: Move toward the player with periods of acceleration and periods of recovering energy.

Chief Mocha-Laté

Middle aged, pot-bellied, friendly looking, wearing a thin shrunken vest, feathered headdress, loin cloth.

Chief attack pattern: Move towards the player with a relatively slow acceleration due to his mass, but a good top speed and enough HP to survive many falls.


Scene 1:

The chief shows up at Molé's hut. The view is a close-up of the PC's face with the Chief in the background.

  • Chief: “Hey, Molé! The priest asked for your help with the ceremony at the temple.”
  • Molé: “Sure, Chief. I will be glad to help.”

Scene 2:

Everyone is on top of the temple, accompanied by four guards.

  • Molé: “That was quite a climb. What do you need me to do?”
  • Priest: “First, you will lie down on this slab.”
  • (pause for dramatic effect.)
  • Priest: “And then we will stab you with this dagger, rip your beating heart out of your chest, and throw your corpse down the stairs.”
  • (the Chief smiles and nods through the explanation)
  • Molé: “Suddenly, I have become less enthusiastic about religion.”

The game begins from there.

Ending scene:

If you win, there is a scene where Molé runs, dodging arrows, as he is chased out of his village. Credits will be short enough to display in a corner, along with a replay button.

There is no losing scene. The game counts your deaths and you play until you win.

Difficulty levels

On replay, the game may allow the player to adjust certain variables:

  • Enemy turn rate
  • Enemy deceleration
  • Enemy stability (health)
  • Enemy max speed
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