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Bananas in Bandanas


Kids TV meets Rambo. A parody of Bananas in Pajamas and as many other childrens' shows as can be fit into the game.


2-d NARC style run-and-gun action on a tilted XY plane (think also Double Dragon's or River City Ransom's movement crossed with Contra's action).

Target time to beat: Between one half and one hour.


NARC, Contra, River City Ransom.

Development Roadmap

Version 0.1

  • TODO: List features…


Technical Features

Technical features are kept to a minimum. The player character can't even jump.

Certain objects are thrown in the air. CD is only run when the objects land.

Players and enemies may have hit cylinders rather than cubes.



Gameplay Features

  • The bananas can't jump or dive, but can move faster than any of the enemies.
  • You can only shoot straight. Enemies can shoot at angles, lob explosives, etc.
  • You have infinite lives. You just get told how many times you died at the end.
  • You have infinite ammo. If you get ammo, your gun fires faster. When it runs out, your gun just fires slower.
  • As the Bananas' health goes down, they get spotty. If they have extra health over 100%, they turn green.
  • Dead Bananas stay on the ground for a short while before disappearing. Any actor who moves onto one is “tripped” and the banana corpse slides in the direction he was going, tripping anyone it collides with until it falls offscreen.
    • A tripped actor is stopped and rotated 90 degrees, stunned for a few seconds, and rotated back, and is vulnerable to fire all this time.
  • A flaming Banana corpse, from a Banana killed by fire or explosion, will expel smoke that will stun any actor that contacts it.
  • The game map is several connected scenes. You can wander through them at will. Random minor enemies crop up everywhere. Bosses are located at the end of certain levels.
  • Defeating a boss makes an extra weapon accessible to a Banana. It becomes accessible by ammo drops now randomly offering this weapon among the others. Every boss weapon is superior to the out-of-ammo gun. Some boss weapons hurt a certain boss more than other bosses, like in Mega Man.
  • Defeating a boss also makes some of their level-specific enemies show up when you are wandering around the rest of the map.
  • Bosses don't become available for a fight until you get info on them by paying the Cocaine Monster. Money is randomly dropped by defeated enemies.
  • Money could also be spent on weapons (load up on ammo) and health (clinic).
  • New Game + mode: enemies gain 20% health per replay and the maximum number of enemies on screen is increased by one.
    • The game should remember the highest difficulty level you've been able to reach.

Input controls

  • Movement: Arrows or wasd
  • Fire: ? – alternately, weapons may auto-fire.
  • Switch weapon: numbers?

The controls scheme should allow two players to play on the same keyboard.

Game rules

Generic 2-d collision detection.


The evil Street Gang destroyed the Bananas' house. Bananas B-17 and B-24 loaded their guns and are out for revenge.


The Bananas jump out of their house in a similar greeting to the “Bananas in Pajamas” TV show, when a car drives by and its passengers start shooting at the house. The Bananas dive out of the way behind some bushes.

Cut to car. Some of the main bosses are visible but slightly obscured. Someone sticks an RPG out the window and fires.

Cut to house. See explosion.

Cut to the Bananas getting up. They look at their ruined house and get angry.

Begin training montage. The Bananas lift weights, tie on Rambo-style bandanas, pick up automatic rifles, and then scream into the camera while the background colour changes rapidly in a seizure-inducing way, if the bad artwork doesn't give you a seizure.

Game World

Main Map

        *             $ M  Z  % $ G---V*   C* 
        |             \ /  \ /  \ /        | 
        A -- O -- H -- W -- S -- E -- R -- P 
                  |    |                   | 
                  N*   B*                  F* 

Major Locations

  • A: Atomic Bunker (single screen)
    • !* Inside atomic bunker [TaliTubbies' location] (single screen)
  • O: Outskirts West
  • H: Bananas' Home (Starting location)
    • N: Side Street [Nora's location]
  • W: West Side [generic place]
    • $: Store (single screen, non-combat)
    • M: Police station (single screen, non-combat)
    • B: Back Alley [Blarney's location]
  • S: Sosueme Street: Central location
    • Z: Final Showdown.
    • Cocaine Monster
      • %: Alley (Cocaine Monster's location, if game can't be paused to chat)
  • E: East Side
    • $: Store (single screen, non-combat)
  • R: Roger's Neighbourhood
    • G: Graveyard [approach to Castle]
      • V: Vamp's Castle [Vamp's location]
  • P: City Park
    • C: Crashed Shuttlecraft (Tribbles' Location) (single screen)
    • F: Forest (Blight's Location)


  • You cannot enter the Final Showdown screen until you have defeated all six bosses.
  • Cocaine Monster (info provider) located on Sosueme Street OR may be in a non-combat single-screen side alley near there, depending on which is better for gameplay.
  • Police station (info provider) located on West Side
  • Shops located on East and West Side


Player Character

The player character looks like one of the Bananas in Pajamas carrying a machine gun while wearing a red headband and a toothy sneer.


Cocaine Monster

“Me like cocaine! But a habit is expensive!”

The Cocaine Monster knows about the Street Gang and will give you information about one boss in exchange for 25 coins.

The police

The police tell you that the Street Gang has made the streets too dangerous for them to go out, but they may be able to give you some information if you can answer a few questions. These turn out to be math questions requiring knowledge of calculus and linear algebra. If you answer correctly, you get information on all six bosses immediately and can skip having to collect money for the Cocaine Monster.

The police resemble the characters from Square One's Mathnet.

Main Enemies

Bosses will refuse to fight you until you have information on them.

A brief cutscene is played when each boss is defeated.

The Vamp

Located in a Gothic castle not far from Sosueme Street, the Vamp is one of the easiest bosses to beat.


  • Shoots bats at you. They move fast and do a small amount of damage.
  • Can bite at close range, doing damage and recovering own health.
  • Can turn into a bat (flying and invulnerable) and move quickly to another side of the screen, damaging the player on contact.

Weakness: Rainbow Beam

Weapon dropped: Batarang. Short range, returns to sender. Does moderate damage.

Level enemies: THC Puffingstuff (parody of H.R.)

Description: Reclusive castle dweller. Claims to be over 600 years old. Fan of Tim Burton films. Into the goth scene. Officially lists his job as a financial advisor, but nobody ever sees him working in town during the day. That's because he works out of the castle and he only has one client. He is the numbers man in the Street Gang.

No Info line: “Ah-ah-ah! Vhat could the Bananas vant from old me?”

Kill Scene: Machine-gunned, collapses in corner. Counts bullet holes in his body and dies.

Nora the Destroyer

One of the more difficult bosses, being dedicated to combat.


  • Throws grenades at you.
  • Shoots at you.
  • At close range, stabs you with a combat knife [or sword?]
  • [maybe?Pulls an RPG out of her pack and shoots a rocket at you.]

Weakness: Phaser

Weapon dropped: Grenades. Ballistic, high damage.

Level enemies: ???

Description: One of the world's most high-priced mercenaries. Master in all forms of combat. Passed Navy SEAL training at the age of 4. Has singlehandedly overthrown two Central African republics. Showed up in town this morning, ready for her kind of work. It turns out she was hired to finish off the Bananas after the first attack on them failed.

No Info line: “Hold on a minute, I'm still waiting for the check to clear.”

Kill Scene: Pulls the pin from a grenade and raises it up to throw when a shot blows through her wrist. The grenade drops in her pack. A bloody helmet lands in front of the Bananas.


Fatass with a few nasty attacks.


  • Singing attack does damage to everyone listening.
  • At close range, attacks with claws.
  • At very close range, grabs you and bites you in half (instant kill).
  • Maybe: Firebreath attack (only left-right)
  • Maybe: Give him a gun. He needs a ranged attack.

Weakness: RPG

Weapon dropped: Sonic Wave. Might expand?

Level enemies: some parody of Boobahs?

Description: An escaped demon from another dimension's version of Hell. Blarney's plans are nothing less than conquest of the entire universe. He is brainwashing other citizens of the town into becoming mindless followers willing to kill on his orders. He is the Street Gang's operations manager.

No Info line: “I wouldn't hurt you! I love everybody! And everybody loves me! Or else!”

Kill Scene: The Bananas just shoot him in the head.

The Taliban Tubbies

Four of them. All attack with machine-gun.

  • Fundy Wundy: [???]
  • Nazi: [???]
  • Hizballah: [???]
  • Dope: Periodically stuns self by shooting up heroin.

Consider having the four mocking the AI routines from Pacman.

Their room includes a banner with a picture of a googly-eyed Osama bin Laden and the text “OUR LEADER”. Zooming in will show the text “A public service message by Clear Channel”. Reference:

Weakness: Batarang

Weapon dropped: RPG

Level enemies: Hamtarrorist

Description: A bunch of right-wing religious fanatics living in an atomic bomb shelter just outside of town where they have been stockpiling weapons and food in preparation for Armageddon. They live by a strictly ordered schedule with computer-controlled loudspeaker announcements dictating their daily movements. The weapons used to attack the Bananas have been traced back to them.

No Info Line: “Die, infidel dogs! You will burn in the fires of Hell! … What makes you think we would ever try to hurt you? We say that to everybody.”

Kill Scene: The photograph of Osama starts crying.

The Tribbles

Four dancing Trekkies attacking with phaser (horizontal attack only). They can periodically teleport.

Weakness: Grenades

Weapon: Phaser

Level enemies: Redshirts (like Tribbles with 1 hit point)

Description: A group of retarded spacemen who were sent back in time from 500 years in the future because they were too annoying. Their brains have been irreparably damaged by years of huffing dilithium dust off their spaceship's warp coil. They were posted as lookouts during the attack on the Bananas' house.

Kill Scene: A Tribble shoots his phaser and gets hit by return fire. The Tribble next to him tries to shoot, but nothing happens when he hits the button. He looks into the phaser and clicks the button a few times until he blows his head off.

Rainbow Blight

A magical girl who rides a unicorn and fires magic beams.

Weakness: Sonic Beam

Weapon: Rainbow Beam

Level enemies: ???

Description: A deranged interior designer whose criminal career grew from graffiti tagging to artistic terrorism. She ordered the hit on the Bananas because she didn't like the colour of their house.

Kill Scene: Jumps up in midair after her horse gets shot out from under her. The bananas catch her with machine gun fire, sending her in an arc that leaves a bloody rainbow.

Final Bosses

The final fight is against three bosses at once.

Bouncer Bird

Bounces around and shoots a pistol at you.

Weakness: Phaser


Wanders around slowly. Does little more than take hits for the other bosses, but can hit you with a powerful close range attack if you are not paying attention.

Weakness: RPG

Trash Can Man

Cannot be hit while in trash can. Pulls out all sorts of weapons and attacks.

Spends most of his time hiding until the other bosses are killed, then doubles the speed of his attacks.

Weakness: Grenades

Minor Enemies

Generic enemies can appear crop up on any screen. Some will not appear until after you have defeated a boss.

Dancing Raisin:

4 hit points, 
dance attack (1p close range) 
50% chance of dodging any direct attack 

Bob the Lobber:

6 hit points, 
hammer-throw attack (ballistic) 
nail gun attack (1p) 

T.H.C. Puffingstuff

10 hit points, 
Fire-breath attack (1p linear,fire) 
Periodically stuns self (smokes a joint, gains 2 hp) 

Baretta Bear (Berenstein kid with a gun):

6 hit points 
bullet attack (1p) 

Effyoomofo (zooboomafoo) :

6 hit points 
machine gun attack (1p) 

Fukkayu (picachu)

4 hit points 
Lightning attack (1p) 

Hamterrorist (hamtaro)

3 hit points 
Self-destruct (5p, explosive) 

Hairy Potater (Mr. Potato Head with a wand)

6 hit points 
Beam attack (2p, linear) 



  • Rifle: 2 damage / inf. ammo (default)
  • Auto Rifle: 2 damage / 40 ammo / rapid fire
  • Shotgun: 7 * 1 damage / 12 ammo / spread
  • Batarang: 4 damage / 40 ammo / boomerangs
  • Phaser: 10 damage / 16 ammo / continues
  • Rainbow Beam: 6 damage / 20 ammo
  • Sonic Wave: 3 damage / 40 ammo / rapid fire
  • RPG: 20 damage / 10 ammo / explodes
  • Grenades: 10 damage / 12 ammo / ballistic, explodes

Dropped items

  • Health: Add 20% health, to limit of 200% (or 160%?)
  • Ammo Packs: restore ammunition to a specific weapon
  • Coins

Game Deliverables


  • Sprites
  • Opening animation
  • Death animations
  • Interaction graphics (Cocaine Monster,etc)
  • Informational graphics


Music tracks will include:

  • Background music for the opening scene
  • Something like the opening of STP's Crackerman for the general gameplay background music
  • Scene-specific music for the Graveyard and Forest
  • Boss music. Possibly 2 tracks, with each song used for 3 bosses.
  • New boss music for the final fight


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