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Ben Ten: Pervert Force



A simple dating sim based on the universe of Ben Ten: Alien Force. You play as Kevin Levin and attempt to “get it on with” Gwen as many times as possible before an asteroid hits the Earth and kills everybody. Her brother Ben and her grandfather Max will kill you if they catch you unless you first build up your relationships with them.

Aim for a soft PG-13 mood, mild enough to be mistaken for PG. Curse words will be !#$%ing censored. Dialogue should trend toward the silly like in a Fork Heads game.


The Evangelion Dating Sim and other craziness by Fork Heads.


Raise a counter.

Gameplay Features

User Interface

Every scene is just stock images of the characters pasted on a stock background. You can click on the characters to talk to them, or on large buttons to perform other actions.

For each character visible in a scene, you should see a relationship bar with your relationship with that character. The bars are different colours: green for Ben, purple for Gwen, and gray for Max. Mousing over the relationship bar will give you an exact number. If the character is not in the scene, the bar is simply not drawn.

Input controls

Use a mouse and push buttons. The buttons might also be activated through the keyboard.

Game rules

Gwen will not let you do anything perverted with her unless your relationship with her is high enough. Attempting to get it on with Gwen will carry a risk of getting caught by Ben or Max. They will forgive you if your relationship with them is high enough. Otherwise they will kill you and the game ends.

The game ends after 28 days, which may be barely enough to bring everybody up to 100% relationship if that is all that you try to do.

Days and Schedules

At startup, the game pre-initializes whether any character will be in or out in the evening of every day and what they will be doing that day. When someone is out, the type of activity affects the chance of catching you and Gwen. Potential examples:

  • Out shopping – high chance (20%)
  • Playing baseball – moderate chance (10%)
  • Catching a movie – low chance (2%)

Plans will be customized to each character.

Characters will refer to the days as “today', “tomorrow”, or as days of the week. The user interface will tell you what day of the week the current numbered day is.

= Invitations? =

You maybe invited to come along on an activity.

If you refuse, lose 5% permanent relationship. If you agree but fail to show up, lose 10% permanent relationship.

Certain activities may cost money.

The chance of being invited to an activity is a function of a base chance, a maximum chance, and your relationship with the character.

Morning and Evening sessions

Each day has a morning and an evening session. In the morning session, you can talk to any one of the three characters. This will improve your relationship by 5% and you will also be told what the character's plans are for that evening or the next day, and you might also be told the plans for another character. The evening session is similar but has a few differences:

  • One or two of the characters may randomly be unavailable.
  • You may attempt to get it on with Gwen if both Ben and Max are out.
  • You may attempt to take Gwen on a date if she is available.
  • You may “talk shop” with Max if he is available.

In either session, you may also Work to gain $20.

If the game has detailed scoring, you may work on your car for bonus points at the end of the game.

= Alternate thought #1: =

In the morning session, a random one of the three characters talks to you. You get no choice in the matter. The evening session allows you to go with someone who is out, but this may cost money and these activities may be locked unless you were invited.

If your relationship with the speaking character in the morning session is below zero, they will just say “hmph.” and not tell you anything.

Game challenges

There are not enough days to get to 100% with all three characters without getting bonuses of some sort. Talking shop will double your relationship with Max, but this is evened out by the lost opportunity when you had to work to get the money to do this.

Useful Strategies

Ignore one of Ben or Max and hope they never catch you, while maxing the other to 100% so they ignore you. Since you can more rapidly improve your relationship with Max, ignoring Ben may be the better strategy.


The game takes place in the time frame of Ben Ten: Alien Force except that Max Tennyson is added back to the universe.


Besides you, there are three characters:

  • Ben
  • Gwen
  • Max (Grandpa Tennyson)

Each of them has two stats:

  • Max Relationship – how high your relationship has gone, from 0 to 100.
  • Current Relationship – Your current relationship level. This can go negative.
    • Current relationship recovers toward max relationship by 5% every day.

Note: In discussions of relationships, % and points mean the same thing. “an increase of 5%” means an increase of 5 points.

Kevin (Player Character)

Your stats include:

  • Money
  • Score counter
  • Tools list (see the section on Talking Shop)

Other Characters


Your only interaction with Ben is the standard “hang out” that all characters offer.

Hanging out has the same effect as talking: your relationship increases by 5% and you are given some information about the character's future plans.


Besides Hanging Out, you have additional options:


Pay $25 to take Gwen on a date. This has two gameplay effects:

  • Relationship bonus – this improves your relationship by 5%, in addition to the points you will get for Hanging Out.
  • Be alone – Allows you to attempt to get it on with Gwen, and modifies the likelihood of being caught by Ben and Max. The initial chance of catching you is reduced by 5% for anyone who was away doing something else, while the chance for anyone who was home is set to ceil(2 * sqrt(100-current)).
Getting it on

This option is only available if you are alone with Gwen, which happens on random days that Ben and Max are both out or whenever you take her on a date.

To get it on with Gwen, you have to successfully pass through three dangerous stages.

  • Let's Do Something Perverted – You need at least 20% relationship
  • Let's Do Something More Perverted – You need at least 40% relationship
  • Let's Do Something Even More Perverted – You need at least 70% relationship

The chance of success is max(0,amount-limit) / (100-limit). You just hit a button to try. Mousing over the button will tell you your chances of succeeding and of being caught by Ben or Max. Each attempt also raises the chance of being caught by 5% for each of her protectors. Success on each step will increase your relationship by 2 points. If Gwen turns you down at any step, you lose 10 current relation points unless you are already below 10, in which case she laughs at you and ignores you. If you keep clicking down to -100, she will kill you.

If you are caught, temporary damage is done to relationship based on how far along you were.

  • Step 1: 15 points, if relationship below 40
  • Step 2: 25 points, if relationship below 60
  • Step 3: 40 points, if relationship below 100

You are killed if getting caught at any point places your relationship below -25.

= Gameplay Problem =

Note: if both chances of being caught were at zero to begin, this only gives you an 81% chance of succeeding through all three tries. If both were at 10%, your chance of success goes down to 40%. If the 5% increment were removed, the chance of succeeding in that case is barely above 50%.

Interactions with Max

Besides Hanging Out, there is one additional option.

Talking Shop

If you have at least $20 on hand, Max asks you to run to the hardware store and buy an item, which will cost a random amount between $5 and $20. The store will offer three items, one of which is the correct one. If you get the right item, you get a 5% relationship bonus. If you got the wrong item, “THAT'S THE WRONG PART YOU IDIOT!” and you lose 10% temporary relationship.

“I'll pay you back next month” – a joke because the game only lasts one month.

The game should keep track of which items you have bought so that you can offer them if he asks for them. If you already have the part on hand, you may be allowed to talk to someone else who is present that evening. It should be possible to buy multiple items in one trip to the store to prepare for this possibility, but there will be enough items in the game that it will probably not be worth it.

Items should mix real tools with silly stuff like dilithium crystal, sonic screwdriver, flux capacitor. One item will be simply “beer”.


Original scoring plan

Count the number of times you “got it on”.

Detailed scoring plan

| *scorable* | *points per* | *notes* |

Getting it on 1000 Still the dominant item
Relationship 3 Max 900 (3*3*100)
Money 1 Max 600 if this is all you do
Working on your car 100 Max 1,500 if this is all you do

Game Deliverables


Generic shots of each character and reaction shots for Ben and Max.

Different backgrounds for morning, evening, talking shop, and dating.

Button images.


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