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The Builder versus The Destroyer

Also known as Bob vs. Conan, but the characters are not named in-game to protect the creators' rights.


The player plays a sword-swinging barbarian in an arena against an infinite number of mechanics who build machines to beat him up. The game ends when the player character runs out of hit points. Score is based on number of Builders killed.

The game saves the highest level of difficult that the player has reached. The player may restart the game at any level of difficulty from 1 to that level.


The arena wraps around as if you were running in a circle around its edge. If you run far enough to the right, you will be back where you started. Items on the far side of the arena are visible in the background.

The arena grows as time goes on so that the Builders will have more time to build greater machines before the Destroyer can reach them.


The Destroyer

The Destroyer can run, jump, swing a sword, and defend against weak attacks.

  • Run : Arrow keys
  • Duck: Down arrow
  • Jump: jump button
  • Attack: Attack button
  • Defend: Automatic if standing still
  • Down + Jump: Jump down from one ledge to the ledge below, but only if you are not on the ground.
  • Up + Attack: Slash high to hit targets above you.
  • Down + Attack: If the Destroyer is ducking on a machine component and there is no enemy in range, he stabs the component for heavy damage. Otherwise he slashes foward while ducking.

The Builder

Builders appear in large swarms. For weapons, each Builder has a nail gun for a ranged attack and a small carpenter's hammer for a melee attack. However, their real strength is in their ability to build war machines.

Each Builder begins with a number of Material Points to build Machines. The game gradually increases the number of MP that each Builder starts with.

A builder on a ledge above the Destroyer can bonk him on the head with a hammer.

Machines and Components

Machines are semi-randomly built from predefined components. Consider Warning Forever and Shellcore Command as inspirations.

Ground-level components must be wheeled components unless the Builder is choosing to build a static weapon that will not move. There may also be mecha with legs.

Components have several attributes.

  • Cost: Components will cost different amounts of Material Points based on how powerful they are.
  • Hit Points: Sword attacks do 20% of the damage that first-level components can take. Builders can repair damaged components. Higher-level structural components can take more damage, but higher-level weapons tend to be more fragile than lower-level weapons.
  • Edge Mount Patterns: Components have places to mount further components. They will generally be on a grid so that most components can fit with each other. Consider them like Lego bricks.
  • Side Mounts: Some components, usually weapons, are only mounted on the side of an existing component facing the player's screen. Certain components have side mounting points to allow this.
  • Walking Areas: Most components allow the Destroyer to leap onto them.
  • Operator Requirement: Some components, particularly certain weapons, may require a Builder to operate them. This may be done from an Operator Room component attached to the same machine.
  • Doors: Some components may contain Doors. A Builder can enter the Door to escape to any other Door in the same Machine.
  • Buffs: Some components increase the abilities of the component that it is attached to, or of all Components in the same machine.
  • Engines: Some components supply power to components that need them. Wheels and weapons will generally draw power.
  • Capacitors: Add to the maximum energy on a machine, since some weapons use additional energy to fire.
  • Mass: The machine will fall over if the net center of gravity is not supported.


Weapons are a type of Component that can do damage to the Destroyer.

  • Punching Fist: A large spring-loaded fist that does 3 damage.
  • Ballista: Fires a large arrow that does 3 damage.
  • Swinging Log: A log that swings on a pendulum. A cheap weapon that does 3 damage if it hits, but the Destroyer can jump onto it and use it as a ledge.
  • Cannon: Fires a Cannonball that does 4 damage.
  • Ball and Chain: The ball and chain swings in a circle around an origin point. It does 4 damage. The Destroyer may jump onto the top of the ball and use it as a platform. It requires energy to operate.
  • Circular Force Field: The force field prevents the Destroyer from entering or damaging an area. It loses a fraction of its current radius every time it is hit, and slowly expands back to its maximum radius.
  • Buzzsaws: Travel right and left along a component and neighbouring components that have a Buzzsaw Track. Does 5 damage.
  • Missile: A fat slow-firing missile that explodes on contact with the Destroyer, knocking him far away and doing 5 damage.
  • Laser Cannon: Fires an instant beam of energy that does 4 damage.
  • Tesla Coil: Fires 1 damage when the Destroyer is nearby but attacks 4 times per second, draining his strength quickly. They have very weak defenses and can be destroyed in one or two hits so the player can charge into one if there is no other option. They use so much energy that taking out a capacitor or engine will usually disable it.
  • Star Sling: A round weapon that swings a ninja star in a circle and launches it at the Destroyer.
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