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Apparent Imposter Travesty

Also known as Cirno Destroys Everything.


A Touhou-style top-down vertical shooter shooting game with wacky enemies, done in html5 just to see how many moving objects can be put on the screen.

Note: Zun has already made a Cirno-centric game, so there may be no fan demand for another one.


We could use Nazrin instead of Cirno. Make her a Green Bay Packers fan, replace her dowsing rods with Packers flags, and the storyline is that she's bored because football season is over so she decides to destroy everything.

Development Roadmap

Version 0.1

  • Basic Collisions (very simple object-in-object)
  • At least one enemy
    • Enemy path following
    • Enemy firing bullets
  • Player partially implemented
    • Drawing of player
    • Keyboard movement

Version 0.2

  • Both player attack styles implemented
  • At least one boss
  • Transition between levels

Version 0.5

  • Better Collisions
  • Bombs
  • Better display screen
  • Backgrounds

Version 0.8

  • Bonuses implemented
  • Sound implemented
  • All enemy movement algorithms implemented
  • All bullet firing and spawning algorithms implemented

Version 1.0

  • Better collision detection implemented
  • All bosses implemented
  • All bonuses implemented
  • All bullet and movement algorithms implemented
  • All enemy drawings implemented
  • All background drawings implemented
    • Parallax background implemented
  • Package as a single downloadable


Technical Features

Draw many of the objects in Canvas. “Cirno” can be a few simple shapes.

Bullet patterns could potentially be described in a simple language and compiled/prepared into an array at the start of the level to reduce in-game processing time. This is more difficult if randomness or a dependency on the player location is desired.


Gameplay Features

The game should have large numbers of slow projectiles, a bullet hell game.

My early ideas trended toward a conventional shooter where enemies and their single shots take up large sections of the screen. It should be more like a Touhou game where enemies fire lots of small, slow-moving shots in colourful patterns. The game can combine elements of both shooter types to mock both genres.

Input controls

  • Shift - Slow down movements
  • Z - normal attack
  • X - bomb
  • Arrows - movement



Background will include parallax land and clouds.


A space level to mock space-based shooters as much as possible. Includes a few waves of asteroids that you need to dodge. Backgrounds may include parallax stars and planets.

Earth 2

A second Earthlike level. This level brings out the generic shooter patterns of planes and tanks.

You may have to dodge skyscrapers.


Player Character

Each player character is seen from the back, facing upward.

Not sure whether or not to include the “option” firing balls on either side.

An earlier draft included an “energy meter which is spent by firing shots” and “recovers quickly over time when not firing.” This has been dropped.

As in Touhou, each player character should have two “modes”, selectable when beginning the game and which cannot be changed. Each mode should have two types of attack and bomb, concentrated and un-concentrated.


Cirno can be represented by a few simple shapes.

Mode A:

Main attack - fires small crystals at 45 degree angles (+/- 45 degrees) to the left and right.

Bomb: {todo}

Mode B: {todo}

Main attack - Fires an ice spear at +/- 60 degrees. Crystals fire off of it at 90-degree angles.

bomb: {todo}


Mode A: Classic Nazrin

Shots move to a random point on a horizontal line in front of Nazrin, and then continue straight forward at a relatively slow speed.

Bomb: an army of mice attack.

Mode B: Fanatic Nazrin

Fanatic Nazrin's shots resemble American football patterns. Most of them form a line while one or two run a trap, post, corner, in, etc. Some of the shots may be “blockers” that absorb incoming shots but can themselves be shot down.

Bomb: Bart Starr, Brett Favre, and Aaron Rodgers throw exploding footballs.



 1. Attack rapidity ++ 
 2. Attack volume ++ 
 3. Attack damage ++ 
 4. {todo} (formerly energy capacity, removed from game)
 5. {todo} (formerly max energy, removed from game)
 6. Smaller hit area (may be removed)
 7. Shield - Saving throw from weak attacks (alt: allows player time to hit the bomb key)
 8. Bombs ++ 
 9. Lives ++ 

Each upgrade maxes out at 9.

The upgrades should not break the game as badly as the upgrades in most shooters do. The fully upgraded player should do two to three times the damage of the player without upgrades. A player who loses all upgrades is still viable.

When the player dies, the player loses 1 life and up to 3 random bonuses. (randint % 9 is checked; an empty collection is skipped). Some of the upgrades are placed on screen and the player can re-collect them.

Upgrade sources:

End of level bonuses

After every level, the game calculates the percentage of enemies destroyed as an integer (rounded down). The player gets a random bonus if there is a 9 in this number. If the number is 99 or 100, the player gets two bonuses.


Upgrades should be randomly dropped by the enemies. Is 1 in 64 too many or too few?

Letter bonuses

Enemies have a chance of dropping one of the three letters A, B, and K. Collecting a letter will add it to a queue of up to four letters. When a fourth letter is collected, a bonus is granted corresponding to the matching letter pattern.

In reading these patterns, ”?” matches any letter while both “*” matches any letter and removes it from the queue.

  • AAA? - gives Cirno a random upgrade.
  • ABBA - Abba appears as an enemy set that does not fire bullets, while a few notes of Dancing Queen play. If you destroy them before the music is over, they will respawn until the music clip ends.
  • AK?? - gives Cirno an AK-47 with 40 forward-firing bullets.
  • AKAK - gives Cirno dual AK-47s.
  • BBB? - gives Cirno an extra bomb.
  • BAKA - gives Cirno a random upgrade and an extra life.
  • BAA? - A herd of sheep crosses the screen. They don't do anything but die when hit by either friendly or hostile bullets, and they can drop bonuses when shot like anything else.
  • BAAA - Double the number of sheep cross, from both sides of the screen.
  • KKK? - The Ku Klux Klan rides diagonally down the screen and fires bullets that damage both Cirno and the enemies.
  • KAB? - A taxi cab swiftly carries Cirno forward a few screens, running over any enemies in its path.
  • KAKA - A large swirlly vortex appears in the top middle of the screen, drawing in enemies and their bullets.
  • **?? - Catchall. One of the two destroyed letters reappears at the top of the screen.

Main Enemies (Bosses)

Sakuya's Sister


First miniboss. Has the same appearance and actions as Sakuya but she has to carry all of her knives around in a wheelbarrow. She departs in 90 seconds after running out of knives if you have not beaten her first.

  • Knife toss 1. Throws three streams of five knives each.
  • Knife toss 2. Throws one half-circle of slow-moving knives.
  • Knife toss 3. Throws three knives with little windup.
  • Special moves? Copy them.

Samus Aran


Unsuited brunette Samus from the original Metroid. Main boss of first level. Maybe put her in the second instead.

  • Wave cannon. Fires projectiles that move rapidly along an X axis but are relatively slow to advance.
  • Missiles. Fires six small missiles that move relatively rapidly.
  • Spazer. Fires three parallel beams.
  • Roll and drop bombs. Rolls quickly around the screen and drops bombs which explode.
  • Screw attack. Surrounds self with an electric field and attempts to collide with the player.

HF Dreadnaught


A Hellfighter dreadnought in its texture-less vector shape. It appears as a miniboss in the space level.

  • Fire Lasers - Fires six lasers from different portions of the ship.
  • Launch Missiles - Fires six destroyable, fairly slow-moving missiles that track the player; a group of four from the fore and one each at a 45 degree angle.
  • Point Defense - Fires a lot of small, slow-moving particles from different points on the ship.

Tiger's Claw


The ship from Wing Commander, with its fighters harassing you while you fight it. The main boss of the space level. (Possibly a miniboss before Samus)

  • Launch fighters – Three fighters fly to the bottom of the screen. They will reenter from below or the side.
  • Foreguns – the forward guns can track you and each fires two long, thin projectiles.
  • Torpedo – a slow-moving, large torpedo will explode and cause a burst of projectiles.
  • Flak cannon – a burst launches a circle of small projectiles.
  • Anti-fighter missiles – a fast missile will track the player.
  • Fighter attacks – The fighters will circle around and try to shoot you with one of three attacks:
    • Laser - bright orange, medium speed
    • Ion - bright blue, fast speed
    • Matter - grey, slow speed. Easy to accidentally run into.

Vic Viper


The ship from Gradius with two Options that follow the boss and repeat its attacks. Mini-boss of final level. (Alternate: make it a normal enemy that dies in one hit)

  • Main Guns – Rapidly fires small projectiles straight forward
  • Laser Guns – Fires lasers that travel straight forward.
  • Ripple Guns – Fires oval rings that expand.
  • Missiles - Fires to side at 45 degree angles.

Michael Bay


Appears in director's chair holding a movie projector. Final boss of the last level.

  • Summon explosives. A denonator attached to four bundles of dynamite will drop from the top of the screen.
  • Detonate explosives. He will run to a detonator. This will cause the attached explosives to explode on contact.
  • Fire T&A cannon. Fires a wave of jiggling boobs and butts from a movie projector. Pink bikini.
  • Fire set-light lasers. The movie set lights behind the director's chair will fire lasers. You can destroy the set lights.

Minor Enemies

Pop stars

The standard enemy pattern might include Michael Jackson, Madonna in cone bra, Lady Gaga covering her body with a ribeye steak, and David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust. The weirder the stage act, the better.

The band Kiss might be their own pattern.

Flying Narwhal

Leaps from the sea and travels straight down.

Nyan Cat

Travels horizontally and leaves a rainbow trail that makes part of the screen inaccessible for a few seconds.

The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar

Always travels at a 45 degree angle. Has at least 5 segments and can be split into two by shooting a middle segment.

Dragon Ducks

They look like dragons, but make a quacking noise when they attack.

Monolith Monkey

Introduced with the black Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. They roam the ground and throw bones into the air which spin downward, like the Narwhal. Colliding with them does not harm Cirno, but they can be shot.

Monolith Monkey Bone

A destroyable projectile.


The monolith from 2001. Destroying it causes monkeys to stop throwing bones, but it can take a lot of damage. The player can still shoot them.

Burping Penguin

Tux, the Linux penguin. Sits on the ground, eats a fish, and burps bullets at you.

Generic tanks, planes, bunkers, etc

Generic enemies. Cirno's ice makes them explode. Do not ask why. They should appear in force once all of the other enemy ideas have been expended, perhaps midway through the last level.

Specialty planes can include:

  • 1942's P-38 Lightning - may dodge your shots with a barrel roll.
  • Zone 66's bomber - Travels in a very large circle (poor turn radius) and fires a spread gun forward. Takes a few shots to bring down.

Starcraft enemies

Appearing briefly in the space level, Starcraft enemies may include ground-based Hydralisks, flying Mutalisks, bunkers, ion cannons, Protoss carriers with fighters, and Battlecruisers that can zap large areas of the screen with their Yamato cannons.

USS Enterprise

Travels vertically, fires lasers in any direction and torpedoes straight forward. Appears in the space level and will probably return in the final level.

Metroid critter

The green one from Brinstar that flies in a wave pattern.

Pedo Bear

Throws a spinning butterfly net whose collision shape is a rotating thin rectangle. Alternately, the collision shape only covers the net portion.

Asteroids enemies

Everything from the game Asteroids may be encountered in the space level. The rocks move straight down, plus or minus a small x offset. Being spawned from a destroyed rock will give them more random x/y velocities.

  • Huge asteroids - split into two Large asteroids if destroyed.
  • Large asteroids - split into two Medium asteroids if destroyed.
  • Medium asteroids - split into three or four Small asteroids if destroyed.
  • Small asteroids - Fewer hit points and stay dead when destroyed.
  • Flying Saucer - Fires bullets that destroy asteroids. Collision with another enemy will kill it. It will also target the Asteroids spaceships.
  • Vector Spaceship - Fires bullets that destroy asteroids, and it will also chase Cirno and shoot at her. Collision with another enemy will kill it.
  • WinRoids Spaceship - The player's ship from Winroids, along with the “Game Over, man!” wav when you destroy it.

Space Invaders

The Space Invaders from the game of the same name are common enemies in the space level.


The Goku/DBZ parody from Buttlord GT. Farts a laser at you. Appears in the last level.

Game Deliverables


  • Art for every enemy and bullet.
  • End of game art showing Cirno in a victory pose as the Earth explodes behind her.
  • Drawings should appear over the status pane when Cirno collects a bonus.



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