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Dave Matthews Band Fantasy

Final Fantasy knockoff/parody written in Flash/Actionscript with the Dave Matthews Band as the protagonists. Short game with <1.5h total playing time. Player's party is the Dave Matthews Band and the music is ripped off their CDs and remixed.


Money can be spent on Equipment (literally music equipment), Spells, Healing potions, and Duck Feathers (phoenix down). Other things like helmets, poison, etc would just complicate the game and I want to keep this simple.



The DMB is called before the King to rescue the Princess from the evil Dark Knight Marvin. The King notices that there are five of them and asks if there aren't supposed to be no more than four. DMB replies that they're bards, they'll need all the help they can get. King gives them some coinage. DMB goes out and beats Marvin, rescues the Princess (“Lovely Lady!”), and the King builds a bridge to the next continent.


DMB goes to the next continent and finds a town overrun by music pirates. The pirate leader says “Arr, we're making recording of your concerts and giving them to our friends!” DMB says “Okay, we're cool with that.” Pirate says, “What? You're supposed to get angry, kill us, and take our ship.” DMB fights them and takes their ship, goes to another continent.

The Evil Elf

Elf continent: “That cave's a pain in the ass, here's another one of the special item”. Go fight evil elf (keebler, DarkSyde's artwork) and then go back to Marvin's castle to fight Chaos. If Keeb's the evil elf, his castle is cow-shaped. If you go to the cave you can get the best weapon in the game, but you shouldn't need it.


At the end, DMB fights Chaos. If they lose, my TJAB character pops in and gives them an insul^H^Hpirational speech (“Hey you guys, don't you know you're supposed to win the game?”), tosses duck feathers (or a whole duck) on them, and shoots Chaos with a plasma gun; Basically, this is a free second chance from the programmer. If they still lose, you get a “Don't you know how to level up?” message and get an option to view the ending victory scene anyway. Losing any battle other than the ending just sends them back to the King's room and he berates them. The end battle shouldn't be too hard.


  • Critic - barf bag in one hand and thumbs-down with the other
  • Lawyer - Faceless guy with suitcase
  • Phish - Oceangoing enemy, phish logo
  • Reel Big Fish - Large oceangoing enemy, steal big happy one from RPG World


Possible samples

  • Victory: “Celebrate! Celebrate, we will” overlaid over the FF victory theme
  • Battle: Two Step instrumental part (4:00-4:20)
  • Boss battle intro: Two Step Opening (0|0:45-1:45), (2:22-2:50)
  • Town: Jimi Thing or Granny
  • Castle music: All Along the Watchtower 4:00 - 5:00
  • Evil Cave: Don't Drink the Water

Other instrumental bits that may be used:

  • Rapunzel: 0-0:25
  • Rapunzel: 5:30-6:35 boating music? fast paced
  • Stay: 3:30 - 4:xx Town music?
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