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Destruction Vehicle



The player is a mad scientist operating the controls of a giant war machine rampaging through the city. The player can raise or lower the weapons to target air or ground enemies, or just sit back and enjoy the show.

This is an arcade-style game with average gameplay of one to four minutes. The gameplay is meant to be passive and relaxing, as the player does not have to do much.


Survive as long as possible. There is no end.

Development Roadmap

Version 0.1

  • TODO: List features…


Technical Features

Plain old 2-D sprites and collisions.

Gameplay Features

Input controls

The keyboard is used to raise and lower weapons.

IDEA: maybe use the mouse as a targeted control.

Game rules

Game challenges

Deciding which weapons should be in which positions should be a gameable choice. The game should be balanced in this regard.

The biggest challenge will be developing the game to be fairly balanced.

Useful Strategies

Keeping the laser pointed upward will provide some defense against missiles.



Player Character

The player character is a stereotypical Einstein-haired mad scientist similar to Dr. Wily from Mega Man, the Dr. Brown from Back to the Future, and the mad scientist in Dark Brooding Mentally Disturbed Man.

The war machine is a 5-meter-high rectangular treaded machine with a giant laser on its back and a bubble cockpit through which we can see the mad scientist operate the controls whenever the player presses a button.


  • Laser: Instantly zaps enemies one at a time.
  • Shotgun / Spread gun : Fires three bullets that travel relatively slowly. Unsure if the tank should have one or two of these.
  • (maybe) Flak / MIRV /Plasma Balls: Fire a distance before branching into multiple shots that go different directions.
  • (maybe) Missiles: cannot target individual soldiers.
  • (maybe) Mini-Missiles: aimed with the mouse. This would reload very slowly.
  • Tesla Coil: Automatically zaps anything that gets too close. This prevents any ground forces that you miss from overlapping with the machine.

Each weapon (except the Tesla coil) is controlled by a column of keyboard keys: QAZ, WSX, EDC, RFV.

NOTE: Keyboard keys are different in different countries. Allow controls through keypad 741, 852, 963 instead.


  • Soldiers move slowly, do a small amount of damage, and die in one hit.
  • Humvees fire the soldier's weapon more rapidly.
  • Tanks take extra damage and do more damage.
  • Missiles are difficult to hit, but it's possible. They do moderate damage on impact.
  • Missile trucks fire missiles.
  • Helicopters fire missiles and are easily shot down.
  • Jetpack soldiers are soldiers that fly.
  • Jets cross the screen quickly and drop one missile on you.
  • Civilian cars don't attack. They're just there as something else that you can blow up.
  • News helicopters don't attack.

Game Deliverables


  • Looping city background
  • Enemy sprites and animations
  • Bullets
  • Splash page.


A midi track heavily inspired by The Ides of March's Vehicle.


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