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Tang's Game Ideas

All ideas in this wiki are copyrighted except those that were somebody else's idea to begin with. Contributions are accepted in the public domain or with dual copyright assignment unless otherwise stated.

Game Components

Game list


These games are entirely someone else's idea that I want to make clones of. I do not claim copyright to these ideas.

Remakes and Remixes

Plugins and Patches

These ideas are supposed to use an existing game engine.

2-d side perspective



Fighting games (like Double Dragon, Final Fight)

Other 2-d side-view games

2-d top-down action

Tactical Action


2-d NES or SNES style

Alternate model RPGs (single-player)

Strategy games

Turn-based Strategy

Real-time Strategy

Sports games

3-d adventure games or similar

3-d first-person shooters

3-d starfighter games (like Wing Commander)

Online multiplayer games

Assorted Unsorted

Playable Games

These games can be played in some form.

Dead'd Games

These are games that I've decided should not be made for various reasons, usually that key gameplay/plot features are missing or have been forgotten or moved into another game idea.

  • Card Server - The open-source movement has built a few playing-card libraries.
  • Dave Matthews Band Fantasy - FF1 parody that never had enough ideas to make a game on.
  • Exterminate Dr. Who - Generic platformer, insufficient gameplay ideas.
  • Well Hung's Groupie Rescue - Platformer with outdated pop-culture references and insufficient gameplay ideas.
  • Guest House - I've forgotten most of the features that I wanted to have in the game, and the idea of NPCs moving on their own schedules has been done.
  • Invasion of Privus C - My first game idea from when I was about 10. It was supposed to be an epic platformer with gameplay like Rolling Thunder, an open world like Blaster Master, an assortment of weapons and items like Metal Gear, a leveling system like Zelda 2, and a really silly plotline. I've forgotten most of what I wanted to put in it.
  • The Jihad to Destroy Barney: Infiltration - The gameplay was intended to clone the weakest part of Contra, the over-shoulder view in Level 2 that none of the sequels kept because it wasn't much fun.
  • Kostle Defense - The in-jokes and references were from circa 2004. The game core might still be worth making.
  • MoonWanker - Michael Jackson died, so it's not as much fun to make fun of him.
  • Oui Surrender - I grew out of “France Surrenders” jokes and it was to be nothing more than a Minesweeper clone.
  • Paranoid Platformer - Generic platformer, insufficient gameplay ideas.
  • Pollo Pollo - Puyo Puyo with chickens. Insufficient characterization.
  • Steve's Droid Defense - A Space Invaders clone. Steve Jobs died, so the idea of Android droids attacking him is not as funny.
  • Warcrap: Beavis Vs. Butthead - All of the ideas worth keeping were moved into StarCrack
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