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Duke Nudist

A ripoff/parody of the original Duke Nukem, played for laughs, with Bay Area references thrown in. A naked Duke runs around blowing up robots and aliens while holding his phallic gun at waist level.


“One day Duke is enjoying the sun and sights at People's Park, Berkeley” (a park famous for allowing nudity; Duke is there to check out the women, wearing nothing but his sunglasses)

“When suddenly…”

Classic '50s flying saucers drop out of the sky and start shooting everywhere. One of the blasts is directly at the camera.

The scene cuts to a shocked Duke with broken sunglasses raising himself off the fried grass.

DUKE: “Space aliens are attacking again?”

Duke turns and grabs his bigassed laser rifle which was lying right next to him the whole time.

DUKE: “No time to get decent! I have alien ass to kick!”


The game should have around 5 levels. Each level should be 2-5 minutes long. An empty level should be transitable in 30 seconds to one minute. All of the levels are placed in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Level 1: Berkeley

Duke runs through a Berkeley residential area and onto the campus. The level should be full of stuff that can be destroyed, cats running out of destroyed trash bins, chickens that you can shoot to create fried chiecken, etc. Some of the aliens from Invasion of Privus C show up driving stolen cars and trying to run over Duke. The level ends with a fight against an axe-wielding robotic version of the Berkeley bear mascot.

Level 2: Richmond Bridge

It's a 2-level bridge so Duke jumps from section to section of a bridge that has taken damage in the attack.

Level 3: Duke Town

A shopping mall where all the clothing stores are on fire and unreachable except the frilly women's underwear section. Stores would be parodies of stores like a “French Choice” restaurant filled with robotic snails. The mall has a rotating sign like the Coddingtown sign in Santa Rosa, but is otherwise designed to resemble one of the malls in Marin.

Level 4: Golden Gate Bridge

Duke runs up and down the suspension wires while fighting off flying enemies. The boss would be a flying saucer.

Level 5: San Francisco

Duke fights through the streets and down into the basement launch control center of the Transamerica Pyramid which is secretly a surface-to-space missile that he will launch against the mother ship. The game does not bother with a main boss, and Duke's path is clear once he gets to the basement entrance. In the control center, on a pedastal, Duke finds: “Finally! Pants!” Then he flips the control switch, Boom, game over.


Enemy designs would mostly be copied from earlier Duke games.

  • Duke1's flying probes
  • Duke1's jumping ED-209 robots
  • Duke2's multi-eyed aliens that throw their eyes at you.
  • Duke2's robotic snails that absorb lots of damage

Several more enemies are needed.

Most enemies are slow-firing, slow-moving.

In a change from early Duke, enemies may spawn randomly in addition to the enemies pre-placed on the map.



In a throwback to Duke1, Duke only has his one blaster weapon that fires two shots at a time. Duke may find two powerups to increase this to four total shots.

There may be temporary powerups that let you fire infinite times for a few seconds, or that let you shoot a limited number of rockets that do 4 times damage.

Standard items

Levels have a lot of crates and stuff that can be blown up.

Generally, the stuff from Dukes 1 and 2:

  • Coke cans that you can shoot again to launch them
  • Turkeys that you can shoot to create a fried turkey leg
  • Score items
  • Letters: D-U-K-E. Collect all for a score bonus, collect all in order for a bigger bonus. Smaller levels so only 4 are needed.

New items:

  • Cats that simply run off screen; no bonus and they cannot be shot

“Crates” are not only crates but other destructible items such as garbage cans, sections of wall, etc.

Since there are no rockets sitting around Berkeley, you can shoot trees to launch them into the air.




  • 5 level tracks
  • 5 boss or end-of-level tracks (assuming a boss in each level; there may only be bosses in levels 1 and 3)
  • Menu track
  • Ending track

Prefer local music to keep with the Bay Area theme. Some possibilities include:

  • Attilla and Dave? Possible riffs include:
    • A Game of Chess 0:00-3:00,
    • Illumination riff at 4:00
    • Smoke and mirrors riff at 3:00-3:30
  • Reba Hasko's Stephen Merritt and Glamoratti can be merged and metalfied into one track
  • Astroslide: Knucklehead, The Lower, On My Mind
  • Journey: Only the Young (the running background), Ask the Lonely
  • Jefferson Starship: Ride the Tiger!
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