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Fuxed Racer


Start with Tux Racer, the G-rated open-source 3-D game for Linux. Add enemies and lots of gratuitous violence to counterbalance the soft cuteness of the original game.


In addition to reaching the goal in time, Tux must pass by waves of enemies trying to kill him and the carcasses resulting from previous failed attempts.

Development Roadmap

Version 0.1

  • Basic Enemies
  • Killing and respawning

Version 0.2

  • Death on high-speed collisions
  • Death on landing on spike (difficult but make it doable)

Version 0.5

  • Hit points
  • Tux leaks blood when damaged
  • Tux slides faster on a bloodstain
  • Tux can stun enemies by colliding with them
  • Dead Tuxes litter the field of play
    • Corpses can be pushed around
    • Corpses will block bullet and shrapnel attacks

Version 0.6

  • All enemies implemented
  • Tux is damaged by swift deceleration, like going over dirt at 100kph

Version 0.8

  • Tux takes observable physical damage (scrapes and bullet holes)
  • Tux flattens like a deflated ball when killed
  • Explosions can blow Tux to pieces

Version 1.0

  • Competitive Multiplayer supporting at least 4 simultaneous competitors.



Machine Gun Pico

Fires a spread of bullets that must be dodged. Is the Newgrounds character.

Bazooka Bill

Fires a Tux-seeking missile that can be outrun. He resembles Bill Gates.

Chuck the Daemon

Throws a pitchfork to impale Tux. Has damned good aim. He is the BSD Daemon

The pitchfork stays stuck in the ground after being thrown, and it becomes an obstacle. If Chuck has already chucked three pitchforks, the oldest will be removed in a puff of smoke before he chucks the next.

Big Ballmer

Throws a dot-Net that severely slows Tux and must be wiggled out of by pressing right and left. He resembles Steve Ballmer.

Land Mine

Goes boom when you hit it. Land mines do not respawn. Land mines are easily visible as big metal circles with large blinking red lights on them.

Chief Troll

A cross of Trollguy and the Cleveland Indians mascot Chief Yahoo. He fires arrows that are relatively easy to dodge and do a small amount of damage. The arrows stick in the ground but are a minor obstacle that can be run over at a moderate speed.


Tux may have infinite lives.

The opening animation video is only a few seconds long. The first eight notes show Tux sliding happily in what appears to be the G-rated world, but then we switch to an over-shoulder view of Bazooka Bill overlooking the racetrack.

  • Notes 9-10: Bill fires the bazooka as Tux comes into screen.
  • Notes 11-12: The rocket streaks towards Tux.
  • Notes 13-16: Tux explodes in a shower of gibs.

On the main menu, the falling snow is tinted red with blood.


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