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Joshua Saga

Multi-part console-style role playing game similar to Square's work.

Ancient history

The original concept from 1998 called for characters based on SRJC Lounge Rats and cultural stereotypes (a Generic Jock) getting teleported into a stereotypical RPG world and using their genre savviness to mock the conventions and destroy any challenges they encountered. This was replaced by late '99 with the final idea of a medieval-era court scribe getting pulled into the same stereotypical RPG world, assuming it is all a dream, and refusing to go along with the conventions.


Battles are “action” style, more like Knights of Xentar than FF. Much better though. Fighters will actually move around on the field of battle and use rudimentary tactics. This is an RPG where the “Legionairre” enemy advances in a line, throws javelin, draws short swords, and closes in. Fighters can give ground for a better chance of hitting the enemy / not getting hit, get knocked to the ground and fight from there, and so on.

The time taken to cast a spell will actually matter in a time-based battle engine, as will attack rate. Weapon length/range will also matter. Action can be paused to give specific orders. There will be ocean battles with mages on board casting spells at enemy ships in addition to the cannon fire and boarding parties.

Characters will not be killed but merely “knocked out”, and can be healed with repeated application of normal healing spells.

I'm thinking of the movement maps being little different from the battle maps; Possibly free movement a la Spirit of Mana, but unlikely. The main reason is, putting movement and battle maps in the same engine allows for city/castle movement segueing into battles without any interrupting screen change, and for a battle to run throughout an entire castle. If the world map is separate from the battle maps (like FF or Chrono), there would have to be a transfer to some sort of smaller map during an encounter.

Square has a few patents which could apply to the battle style I want. I will have to look this up. I may be able to talk them into allowing me to GPL it since that would mean no commercial games could use the algorithm I implement without releasing their source code and allowing it to be copied, killing any code user's ability to market to console manufacturers. Fifteen years ago I thought I could talk a corporation into doing something nice against their profit motive. Pfft. Better to just do it and hope they don't complain.

Script summary

Episode 1

Joshua finds himself on alien world. Thinks it's a dream. Accidentally gets married to a princess. Disappears, ends up back in his own house, assumes it was a really weird dream. Shortest episode (~2hr length, release as demo).

Aiming for two hours playing time: Three is an absolute upper limit. The intent is to rewrite and refine the code using the first episode's data as a baseline, so I can make massive changes without having to greatly modify everything.

Episode 2

Princess searches for Joshua who has mysteriously disappeared. Befriends witch and conquers a few nations. Eventually finds Joshua and consummates their marriage before he disappears again.

Episode 3

The daughter of the Princess and Joshua searches for her father. Conquers the world in the process. Eventually ends up in a magic portal to his world and time. May be split into several episodes following the girl's growth from ~10yrs to ~18yrs.

Episode 4

Joshua, his daughter (who happens to be his age, Sideplot Material), and the witch who has also somehow ended up in this world and time (and is Joshua's age as well, more Sideplot Material) team up to fight against a Vast Army of Evil People that's conquering Joshua's world.

Episode 5

Rear Admiral of Space Fleet defends homeworld against alien menace. The aliens are made to retreat after causing heavy damage to the planet's surface and shooting down Admiral's flagship. Admiral sets about planetside reuniting his people, repairing his ship, and building a new defense fleet. In the process, finds an ancient warrior woman embedded in a magic crystal. Admiral then takes off for the stars to fight in the colonies, bringing the woman with. Has a few fights in the colonies, discussion is made of a legendary race of friendly aliens upon which an old religion was based. Said friendlies eventually show up and ally with Admiral for an attack on the enemy homeworld. Upon arriving, some enemy ships fall away from the line and attack both sides. Warrior woman ends up on enemy flagship and finds evil wizard who has been causing all these time and space problems for his own ends. Witch shows up just as they start fighting, having tracked the time/space anomolies herself. Big epic sword/magic battle ensues in middle of big epic space battle.


  • $planetX - Joshua's world. Only seen in Episode 4 and in cutscenes at the beginning and end of other episodes.
  • $planetY - $princess's world. Seen in all but Episode 4.
  • $planetZ - Hostile aliens' homeworld. Not mapped. Episode 5 finale takes place in orbit and in battle scenes on small parts of the surface.
  • $colony1,2,3… - Colony worlds visited in Episode 5.


  • $joshs - Joshua's kingdom. Ruled by a dying king with no heir.

Apparently I left no notes about the distribution of the kingdoms.



Title character. From $planetX. Every other character is from $planetY unless noted. Appears in Episodes 1, 4, and briefly in 2 (and possibly 3). Moderately skilled in swordsmanship, can use some magic, can equip dark armour (in Episode 1). Should time have been unchanged, he was destined to become the greatest leader his planet had ever known, and to create an alliance spanning a quarter of the globe.

Joshua is the son of a scholar and an apprentice diplomat, and enjoys the perks of membership in nobility's extended family including an excellent education as well as a moderate amount of weapons training.

On the new world, thinking himself in a dream, he bargains to attain the powers and equipment of the Dark Knight while maintaining his own sanity and conscience. This gives him a fair magical potency, and in addition to his good skills in ranged and hand to hand weapons, makes him a very strong all-around fighter. The Dark Knight equipment is some of the most powerful in the game, but he loses it when he gets zapped between worlds.

Josh has dark brown hair and is in his late teens (16-19).


Tom is a throwaway character from $planetY who sets Joshua on his feet when Josh lands there. Tom is in his mid teens (14-16) and has light brown hair. He is an adventurous youth and knows the monsters of the land well. He exits the game (probably) permanently when Joshua joins the Army. He may reappear as a minor character in Episode 3.


Originally destined to marry a powerful prince and conquer the world, but will marry Joshua instead. Very skilled in swordsmanship, can use some magic (maybe not). Appears in Episodes 1, 2, and 3.

The Princess is a voluptuous blonde who is a bit old to be unmarried in a Middle Ages type time period (20-24). She simply hasn't found anyone she likes well enough to marry yet, and the King respects her wishes.

In accordance with her kingdom's traditions, the Princess has been trained in the art of warfare since her youth and is one of the better hand to hand fighters in the game. She also has some magical powers, but her specialty is fighting.

The Princess has recently been busy preparing plans for war with the Kingdom across the ocean to the east which has been giving signs of preparing to invade again. Should time have remained unchanged, she would have defeated this army and continued in the enemy's captured ships to conquer the enemy kingdom, eliciting marriage proposals from good Princes throughout the world. When she would choose to marry one, through unfortunate coincidence he would always meet with an early death of some sort, widowing her and leaving her able to marry another Prince who would meet with an early death, and so on. Eventually she would marry into enough land to become considered the mother of modern civilization as all her heirs cosign into a long lasting and prosperous peace. When she meets Joshua before any of this takes place, all bets are off.

Attitude-wise, the Princess is very common-sense and task-oriented.


Originally destined to be archenemy of $princess, now fights at her side due to manipulation of the timeline. Appears in Episodes 2, 3, 4, and briefly in 5. Very skilled in magic.

The witch is met in Chapter 2 as the leader of the invading army. While the Princess had been destined to defeat her in battle, Josh's interference and disappearance makes the Princess instead spare the Witch's life and instead hire the Witch to use her magic to look for Josh.

The witch isn't a cliche witch, but the word is the best thing I can think of to describe her. She is a young girl of around 15, with long straight purple hair. I've sometimes considered her to resemble FF6's Celes in behaviour, pensive and traumatized.

Her skills were recognized in early childhood and she has been trained to be a destructive force to attack the Princess's kingdom. She is surprised when her fallen army is spared for she has been taught that her kingdom's enemies are ruthless and spare no one. She cautiously allies with the Princess and permanently shifts sides when her own people disown her and attempt to have the two and their escort killed. Her world thrown upside down and never before having been more than what others have had it be, she acts somewhat disoriented at times, and ponders on life, the universe, and everything.

The Witch is the game's strongest player-controlled magic user. As expected, she's not that good at hand to hand.

In Chapter 2, the Witch discusses her dislike of men and children. In Chapter 3, she is happily married with several kids. In Chapter 4, her age is a couple years older than she had been in Chapter 2. She shows up at the end of Chapter 5 in advanced age to attack the Bad Guy, having made her own time portal to the area. Originally a minor character, she is now in more Chapters than any other and in a central position in most of them.


Daughter of Joshua and $princess. Fulfills the destiny of conquest intended for her mother, and eventually unites $planetX and $planetY. Very skilled in swordsmanship, moderately skilled in magic. Appears in Episodes 3, 4, and 5.


Born on $planetY, a descendant of Joshua. Skilled in firearms.


From $planetZ, but this is not revealed until the very end of Episode 5. To avenge a 4,000 year old atrocity against his people by the predominant race of $planetZ, he is manipulating the timeline to create enemies of $planetZ with which his group of nationalists could ally.

The Bad Guy / Evil Wizard messing up time for his own ends. On his world, his people were largely massacred and the remainder enslaved for millenia. He works to avenge this, and sees the races of Josh and the Princess's worlds as a tool to weaken the military so forces devoted to his race war can take over.

In Chapter 1, he is supposedly the master of all the monsters around the game map. He hires Josh to commit acts of mayhem which Josh carries out in diplomatic and un-Evil fashion, and then sends Josh to the castle to kidnap the Princess, where Josh gets captured.

He doesn't reappear until Chapter 5, although he is behind the time and space warps in the other chapters.


$princess's father. NPC. Appears in Episodes 1 and briefly in 2.

Red Brigades

Soldiers of $princess's personal guard. Moderately skilled in swordsmanship. Appears in Episodes 1 and briefly in 2.


He marries $daughter and makes her his queen against her will. $daughter backstabs him and the locals put up with it because nobody liked him. He only appears in Episode 3.



Characters' appearance will change depending on what armour they are wearing and what weapons they are weilding, similar to Fallout2 but the result would look more like a character designed for a SNES Square game.

First Impressions

Civilians' reactions to you change depending upon how well you are known and what you are wearing. If you are unknown, you can get a good initial reaction from the upper class by equipping fancy civilian clothing instead of armour. Most people would be wary of any strangers wearing armour, especially if it's not local armour. You might even get hassled by the police. Beyond amusement and atmosphere, good and poor reactions can open up additional quests or require you to do certain jobs that you would not have to with another reaction.

Graphics Deliverables

etc, todo, etc, too many to list. Decide what's in the game first.

Box art

Medieval or Renaissance European Painting style. A Noble Lady of Virtue, Hope, flowing white robes etc vanquishing a hideous attacking haggish creature w/purple hair. Armies look on in astonishment. Options: Lady can have a halo (glowing behind head, not cartoon ring) or can be a little bit pregnant.

This represents $princess defeating $witch in the original timeline before $badguy began interfering. It is meant to be a cultural artifact from the original timeline.

Working storyline

This is marked “my eyes only” in the .txt, but there is no harm in publishing it since the game was abandoned near the end of the Clinton administration and will never be published.


Bad guy's planet had a war many millenia ago, and one of two main races was subjugated. Bad guy's ancestors came off on the wrong end of things. Bad guy's intent is to 'set things right' and to start and win a race war. Fast forward to Bad guy's time, he is captain of a ship in the planetary fleet. He sets foot on a recently conquered planet, watching his people enslave the population. One of the troops mentions that if the enemy'd had a hundred more years, they may have been able to put up a fight. Bad guy asks about the history of the planet, and the name of Joshua the Uniter is mentioned. It is also noted that by some bizarre coincidence, the people of this planet are genetically similar to the people of another recently conquered planet.

Joshua was a young scribe to the King of a medium sized country. The King perished and his will declared that none of his heirs were worthy of the throne, therefore he would award a position of reduced power to the most promising member of the royal house, being Joshua. This surprised everyone and caused a slight upheaval, but the nobles and their armies knew the worthlessness of the King's relatives and supported Joshua. Joshua struck out to found better relations with the larger Republic to the south. The paranoid Republic had a fear verging on hatred of kings and royalty, and the facts that Joshua was not of royal blood and that his position was not entirely that of a king led to an establishment of good relations and opening of bordrers. Joshua also entered into favourable agreements with nations that bordered the Republic (Joshua's kingdom may be a peninsula bordering only the Republic).

To the East, trouble was brewing. A fanatical religion based on the worship of a crazed leader as a messianic deity swept across the world's largest country, and this country's armies swept across the world increasing its size. This force was also helped by technological advantage: Its armies were equipped with repeating rifles, whereas the rest of the world's advanced nations had only single shot. Joshua saw the danger and convinced his neighbouring countries to form an alliance against this threat and to share their military secrets throughout all countries in the alliance. There was initial resistance, but when the powerful and advanced Republic agreed to the proposal in full, many other countries fell in line to gain the Republic's secrets. Soon, many nations which were smaller, less significant, and/or which little contact with Joshua or the Republic requested that they be allowed to join this alliance.

One of these countries was a large island nation in the Northeast. Between the time its appeal was delivered and the time it was accepted, this nation was invaded by the Eastern hordes. News reached the Alliance the day after it chose to accept this country. After two uninterrupted days of debate at the Republic's parliament, it was decided that an Alliance member had been attacked, that the Alliance had a duty to liberate this country, and that to achieve a total victory the full force of the Alliance would be brought to bear rather than any measured response. The Alliance fleet carrying a hundred thousand troops sailed west across the largest ocean as a larger land army gathered at the east. Sheer force of numbers against the island nation's 15,000 occupiers won out, and diplomatic efforts were made to solicit the membership of countries to the north, east, and south. News of the victory and the smashing of two Eastern fleets brought many members into the alliance. However, the land war was far more difficult, and it was twenty years and ten million lives before victory was achieved. Alliance nations formed a treaty of common law and created a UN-like structure, with Joshua overwhelmingly elected the first presiding officer.

Back to the Bad Guy. He concentrates on teaching himself magic.. concentrating hardest of all on the magic of folding time.. As the end of his life grew nearer, he had no care, for once he learned this, he had all the time there ever was..

A plan began to form. He could not go back to when the atrocities occured.. his people were not powerful enough to succeed with his help, being too short on numbers, industry, wealth, technology, and all that matters. Appearing earlier would cause unknown consequences, and his life might not last long enough to go back and forth to sort them all out; so much for all the time there ever was. In the present time, he had a fair following in the fleet. A few warships and their crew were promised to him. That was a start, but he needed more.

If they'd had another hundred years…

A member of Bad Guy's race stands on a stage, giving a rousing speech to a cheering audience. Out of nowhere, a figure appears and shoots the speaker. The figure disappears just as quickly..

The ships are no longer as strong as they once were.. Still, both invasions had ended in a short amount of time. More was needed..

On the other conquered world, legends told of the Great Mother of All Nations, who was not entirely the mother of all nations, but a princess of one kingdom who married into another kingdom wherein which the rest of the royal family perished in battle. She married into other kingdoms, and always her new family fell to some misfortune which she survived to marry into yet another kingdom. Fully a fifth of the world's landmass on three continents came under her domain. Before her death, she gathered her heirs and forced them to agree to a contract of common principles and an agreement to never war with another, even by proxy or where treaties with other nations might claim to require it. Unlike almost every similar situation in the history of most worlds, the royal children and their decendants kept to these principles and their influence grew over the world.

Even before this princess got into the mothering business, she was a renouned fighter and general. Legend has it that before her first marriage, in the final war with her home kingdom's greatest enemy, she visited the front to personally lead her kingdom's army and she slew an evil witch who had been summoned to destroy her people. She was also charismatic and a great and wise leader, and no country considered her a curse despite what happened with depressing regularity in her later life.

Some magical mischief.. They will make an excellent husband and wife, if just for long enough to create a bond between the two worlds..

He returned to his ship right before a powerful blast shook it. “We've been hit broadsides! The enemy flagship is targeting us!”

He considered this, and spoke. “Good.”

Episode 1

If the plot seems detached from the main storyline, this is because it's gone over two major revisions. While the prior two have no relation to the new storyline, major above elements of them remain.


Joshua is lying in a field somewhere. He just is, has no idea how he got there. He sets himself up and feels the tall grass, commenting on how this must be a dream but it feels so real.

He wanders around the map for a bit. On the third step he is faced with the game's weakest enemy monster, which may look harmless to him until it bites a chunk out of him. Joshua fights with his fists and feet, and when he has lost 1/4 of his hit points an ally apppears.

Tom is a young teen who explores and hunts monsters in his spare time. He shows up and asks Josh if he could use a little help. Joshua accepts, and they fight together.

First Quest

Tom and Josh do a lot of exploring and leveling up together. Insert Plot Device Here.


Joshua eventually decides that walking around in circles fighting monsters isn't the life for him, and looks around for work. Not to mention that Tom's parents don't feel like putting him up much longer. He doesn't find any, but Tom mentions as an aside that there's always the Welfare System.

Somehow Tom and Joshua get seperated (Insert Plot Device Here), and Josh goes off to find the Welfare Office. The punchline is, “Okay, you're signed up. Get your boots and sword over there.” Story is, this kingdom has lost every single war it's been in, and the word “army” got a bad name. Meanwhile there were a bunch of jobless people, and a King of a few Kings ago decided that they were a good source of fighting men. Since no one wanted to join the Army, the King changed the name so that it gave the appearance of giving something to those willing to join: namely a paycheck and a steady career.

When Josh wanders the castle, he sees that that King's expectation of a good source of fighting men was off the mark. The guards are lazy, incompetent, et cetera. Joshua trains and quickly outfights almost everyone. He catches a glimpse of the Princess and is impressed. His curiousity is piqued by her escorts: Guards dressed in red uniforms, obviously better trained than his fellows. The princess may mention something about desiring to see more of Joshua's swordsmanship, or not. There may be some background into the Princess's lack of a love life; Running story is that she's fairly old to be unmarried in a Middle Age time (about 20), but she's found no one worthy of being a future King.

The story on the Red Guards is, they're the best of the best soldiers and it is a high honor to join them and shed the repuation of incompetence attached to the regular army; Since the Red Guards are a fairly recent phenomenon and have never fought in battle, they have never lost. Those who guard the Princess are not only a higher caliber above their comrades, but are required to be married.

The Princess is therefore surrounded by nice guys who are all married. She's on the lookout for a husband more than she had been in the past, but has been preoccupied with military matters. Beyond the mountains to the northwest is a port town whose capture would increase the kingdom's wealth, and there are former territories on the eastern peninsula and to the west whose reannexation will bring the kingdom prestige. It is traditional in this kingdom for a princess to be trained in strategy and governance, as princes have had a habit of getting themselves killed in battle; and it is also customary to train princesses in the arts of close combat, since some overeager princesses have been known to follow their brothers. Always having highly skilled training parters close at hand, the Princess has become the equal of any of them in swordsmanship.


Eventually the castle comes under attack by a notorious wizard's army. All the guards panic. Joshua walks out cautiously to see what is the matter. One of the weakest enemies in the game walks up the main path into the castle. Joshua steps on it. More enemies attack. Joshua is by now strong enough to fight them off unless you really screw up his tactics. Joshua watches the enemies at the gate halt. They advance slowly and roar. The guards run like hell. Joshua steels himself and advances a step. The Red Guards watch from above, considering Joshua as a candidate in their order. The line of monsters falls back as Joshua advances. Then the monsters fall further back and the Evil Wizard walks past them to Joshua. He makes an offer: Joshua will become a Dark Knight in his order, and gain more power than he could ever imagine.. Including the power of Magic! Joshua, considering this to be a harmless dream and his fellow guards to be worthless, isn't above accepting the offer for its new adventure. He merely demands, upon the Wizard's honor, that he remain in full control of his thoughts and be given the right to deny at any time the Wizard's wishes. Since the Wizard would be granting Joshua's power, Joshua could do no more than quit in a dispute, and the Wizard could simply find another Dark Knight. The wizard accepts, and Joshua leaves with him and his monster brigade. The Red Guards stare in shock.

(If you lose against the monsters, the wizard just drags Josh off and the story continues with slight changes).

Wizard gives Josh a new sword and some new threads, err, plate, that are some of the strongest in the game.

(Insert Plot Here, Maybe)

Kidnap Mission

Wizard gives Josh orders to kidnap the Princess. (Insert Gameplay Here). Eventually Joshua gets inside the Princess's chamber. She's in bed apparently asleep. He sneaks up on her, and she suddenly draws a sword and leaps out, flaying wildly and accurately at Joshua and pushing him back over a ledge.

Under the ledge, two guards complain that nothing ever happens on night watch, and wonder if someone's ever going to catch that Dark Knight guy that keeps trying to kidnap the princess. They hear some noises and said Dark Knight lands in front of them, knocked unconcious by the fall. So, they drag him off to jail and get a reward, which the King doubles when they admit that they didn't actually do any work.

Imprisonment cutscene

Joshua gets interrogated by the soldiers, by the King, and by the Princess. All are befuddled by his honesty and openness. The Princess seems to have some sort of curiousity about Joshua and his motives, understandable since he tried to kidnap her. Some comedy comes about through the interrogations.


Somehow the Princess ends up actually kidnapped. Off the top of my head right now, maybe she allows Josh to break out and take her, and the Red Guard follows them as planned to investigate the cave. Josh will have to get signals from the Princess to the Guardsmen and back, which can make for amusement.

{more to come}

In other words, I never finished writing this.

Ancient History redux

From an older doc:

The Joshua Saga storyline has gone through many changes. Originally it was intended to be a parody of RPGs and the characters were mostly from Earth and caricatures of my classmates, there was a water goddess named Aris (no relation to the dwagon, but gets mistaken for Eris) who played what is now the role of the Bad Guy in transporting everyone between dimensions, and the goal of the quests was to find crystals for ever more obscure and ridiculous character classes such as Rock Star. The first episode's Joshua-meets-the-Princess storyline and accompanying gags come out of this period of development, and these two are the only surviving characters; note that the Princess is a strong fighter rather than a cliche weak female magic user. Other characters in the original idea were a brutish footballer, an eccentric Discordian mage, a bespectacled garage-band guitar player, and clones of two of the girls in the lounge.

The mage Fenwik (didn't bother changing the name from what the real guy goes by) was the only one who lasted past the initial thought development, and I had intended him to lead the army of the nation that invades the land where Joshua and the Princess would lead an army against them, and the war reaches an abrupt halt when Joshua and Fenwik recognize each other. I added a native girl-mage to accompany Fenwik since nobody would give their kingdom's army entirely over to a total stranger, and she ended up being the witch that the Princess was destined to defeat. I guess I figured that if Joshua and the Witch would have magical powers, I didn't need another powerful mage on top of that. Fenwik would have been a cool and entertaining character, but he just didn't fit anymore. Once Joshua's world changed from modern Earth to a new world at Renaissance technology level, Fenwik fit even less.

Everything after chapter 1 came about by considering both what would happen next after the chapter 1 events, and what the purpose behind any manipulation to bring about the chapter 1 events could be. I got the thought of wanting to have space battles in the game's last chapter, and so friendly water goddess Aris turned into scheming space invader whatever-his-name-is.

Overall Ideas


The original idea was an outright mocking of all RPGs with a whole bunch of political and cultural jokes thrown in. From this comes the sillier parts of Chapter 1 (welfare office, Good Guy eagerly going to the bad side, and the like). I couldn't fit much plot into the general idea though, and since having that idea the comic strips Adventurers and RPG World have done a lot of RPG mocking and have regularly come up with better jokes than I could have. Still, it would be common for characters to do something completely out of character for an RPG character, especially if the act is something that someone would do in real life.


So, Josh and the Princess have a heir, and the heir is going to have a lot of heirs. So, things get heiry, and maybe a bit steamy. The question is, how far do I go? I'd like the game to get wide distribution; cutting out the under 13 crowd is questionable, cutting out the under 18 crowd is something I do not want to do. Chapter 2 is going to have numerous sexual references as the Princess keeps trying to find some time alone with Josh, and they're finally going to do the deed and Josh disappears from her arms. That could be behind a “it's night, turn the lights out” trick and we see Josh disappear during sunrise as the screen un-blanks. Chapter 3 will have far more questionable material as the daughter starts off prepubescent, goes through puberty, gets knocked up repeatedly, and ends with a few children by her late teens or early twenties. The probability is high that she starts off by getting raped. Needless to say, this is all highly objectionable material to many people and I will need to walk a tightrope to make it clear that this is what happens without getting the game a reputation as a porno (or actually making it one). The sexual content drops off to mere suggestion in Chapter 4 and is gone completely from Chapter 5 as it no longer advances the plot.

Et cetera

So, how do people from two different planets mate, or even communicate? It's one of those things that is not asked. And how often do magicians manipulate time, anyways? There's the badguy and the witch, and there might be another guy during the credits who has watched everything come together perfectly, and he finds a way to seal the universe from time travel (if his magic does not destroy it…). Why are the Good Guys humans and the Bad Guys not? Racism *shrug*. Are there going to be any black people? Most likely on the Northeast Continent on Joshua's world, and in many of the nations fighting the Easterners.

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