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Magical Girl Hunters

A Syndicate clone based on the Improfanfic.


Syndicate-like action game. World is a huge map of Tokyo or some fictional Japanese city with harbour, freeways, etc. Tiled playing area, birdseye view. Public transit is usable.

Player gets random missions to assassinate Magical Girls. Also, there are battles going on between the girls and demons, and between the demons and the defense forces, or between different bands of demons. There's also the Yakuza and the police to worry about. It's kind of like GTA in that you have to keep from getting caught by the police. You also have an apartment to pay rent on, doctor bills if you fsck up, ammo to replace, new weapons and armour to buy, etc, so keeping a steady income is important. You can take side jobs at fast food service or video store type of things, but these cut down your reputation and your available time for Magical Girl Hunting.

The whole order-chaos-good-evil-etc plot comes into play as the main plot line of the game. Like WC:P, you can take these missions when you want and can keep taking the other missions when you've beaten the game. Your actions generate an alignment which determines the outcome of the major plot. You can take on missions from several different sources with different ethical backgrounds, and going too far in one direction can cause you to be ignored by opposed clients.

Development Roadsmap

Version 0.1

  • Map (basic)
  • Movement
  • A few enemies
    • Simple enemy AI
  • Battle logic

Version 0.2

  • Skills
  • Weapons
  • Hand to hand combat

Version 1.0

  • Huge map
  • Random missions
  • Plot missions
  • Side jobs


Generic Civilians

Different male, female, and child models. Different colours of clothing. They do little other than run away when trouble occurs.


Big ugly monsters, most tougher than any creature born on Earth. Some rare ones are invulnerable to any but magic attacks. It is rare for Youma to appear more than one at a time unless a Youma General is near. Most will go around eating and wrecking anything in sight until stopped.

Magical Girls

The Earth's first line of defense against Youma, but annoying and overpopulated. You're willing to weed 'em out if the monsters don't. They are sometimes solo, sometimes in groups of 3 to 9, and there are a few gangs of close to 50.

Magical Animal Companions

Magical Girls' magical pets, which many Magical Girls have. They are usually weaker (sometimes far) than the Magical Girls are. They can be any of many different types of animal, which will give the graphics guy on this game fits.


Magical Men who are boyfriends of Magical Girls and usually twice their girlfriends' age. They're generally not any stronger than a Magical Girl, but they're aggressive and pesky as all hell if you take out their main squeeze.


When it comes to fighting Youma, they're effectively little more than aggressive Generic Civilians with peashooters. They may run away when they notice they're not doing a thing to the demon.However, they can be quite troublesome to Magical Girl Hunters.

SWAT forces

Better armed Police, but not with enough punch to stand against some Youma. They can easily blow away your squad, though, so be careful.

Self-Defense Forces

These guys have the goods to blow up most Youma. You don't want to get in a fight with them, since they're almost always better armed and more numerous.


Bad guys that you don't want to get on the wrong side of since they'll rub you out. They look like Generic Civilians until you notice that they've pulled out a machine gun and are now blowing your ass off. Their AI is smart enough to wait until there is more than one of them with a good shot at you before opening fire.


Just average guys trying to get photographs of all the happenings. They're fairly aggressive, but don't have any weaponry other than an Expensive Camera and are smart enough to get out of harm's way when it's time.


Noncombatants trying to save lives and heal the injured. They're aggressive like Newsmen in doing their job, which is to drag people out of danger and into hospitals and ambulances.

Magical Girl Hunters

Yeah, yours isn't the only group. Some are amiable in professional brotherhood, others really don't like competition and will try to take you out. In strategic mode, you can pull down information on other MGH groups.

Magical Women

Grown up Magical Girls. They have to be very powerful and intelligent to survive to this age, so handle with caution! You don't often have reason to fight them, as they are generally no longer lackeys to anybody. They will usually side with Magical Girls in a fight.

Youma General

Handsome gentleman with a human appearance and about equal in power to a Magical Woman. Usually bulletproof. One's death will seriously disrupt the balance of power in the game.


Heavensent help, always operates on side of Good unless Fallen. Besides attacking with swords, Angels can also heal.


Hellsent trouble. Effectively about on par with smaller Youma, but usually comes with help and for a reason. If you piss off the Devil, don't be surprised to see a pack of Demons knocking at your door.

Fallen Angel

An Angel operating on the side of Chaos.


Similar in power to Demons but have a Civilian appearance and are made out of chocolate pudding which bullets and shrapnel have little effect on. Shoggoths have the ability to make Shoggoths out of humans. Shoggoths can shape-shift to appear like any type of human unit.

Tentacle Monster

A big batch of more-than-suggestively phallic tentacles from an anenomae-like core that is capable of slow movement. Generally harmless to males, but females will never forget being captured by one. Some have been magically enhanced by certain evil factions to have the power to turn captured females into Shoggoths. Others just turn captured females into sobbing mental patients through purely nonmagical means.

Automated Gun Turret

Used for defense inside some buildings.


Speedy assassins, usually hired by Yakuza to wipe someone out. Very skilled with their weaponry, so hit them before they get a chance to hit you. They can use guns, but if unseen prefer to get in close where they are masters of hand to hand combat.


Unlike the other major factions, Order has no lackeys and appears as itself. Order is the single strongest character in the game.


The Devil itself can appear from time to time. The Devil is the second strongest character in the game, but cannot defeat Order without help.


One of the Magical Girl Hunters is Chaos incarnate but does not know this. You will have to find and ally with this MGH to defeat Order without massive factional help. Chaos only appears when attacked by Order, and then is able to inflict massive amounts of damage on Order and far less on anything else; Chaos is still a strong character, but can be defeated by a pack of Angels or Demons. If the MGH who is Chaos is permanently taken out before this is revealed, the computer randomly selects or invents another MGH who was actually Chaos from the beginning.


Getting shot hurts

This isn't one of those games where you can take a few bullets and walk away. Getting hit ruins your day, so the objective is to avoid getting hit.


Player statistics include “Luck”, which is a spare chance to avoid getting hit after enemy.aim and your.agility. This drains swiftly when under attack. Aiming counteracts a target's Luck the longer you aim a shot. Getting hit cuts your agility bonus to evade for a moment which leaves you open to getting hit again, which leaves you open to getting hit again, which quickly starts to suck if you're being attacked by more than one enemy. When your Luck runs out, you'll want to make yourself scarce until you've gained some of it back.

Secrecy / Crackdowns

You want to avoid being seen in your actions by any Police, SWAT, or Newsmen since that will lead to Police knowledge of your operations and a subsequent crackdown. If you can fight off the crackdown (unlikely), they'll keep sending bigger ones, possibly including Defense Forces, until you find a place to hide and it all blows over. If you just shoot whoever sees you, no one will be able to tell but you'll waste a lot of ammunition and get a bad reputation. If a crackdown is coming, you will have to quit any legitimate jobs and get a new office in a different part of the city.

Fighting Magical Girls

Magical Girls are dangerous. They are almost always stronger than any one of your characters is. When they are grouped together, you may not have the advantage of numbers. In any operation, you will want to have the advantage of surprise. This will allow you to aim your shot and get off several before they realise what is hitting them (aiming reduces the effect of an enemy's Luck). Of course, you have to find your targets first.

Magical Girls are just normal civilians until they choose to reveal themselves, which will usually be in an act of self defense. If you just start shooting at all girls hoping one is the one you're after, you won't get credit without an ID and there will be additional problems: Your reputation will go down, keeping away better jobs; You'll waste ammo; Police may be called before you find the girl you're after, forcing you to flee before completing the job; You will eventually hit a Yakuza's kid, making enemies for life. Magical girls will, in civilian mode, sometimes reveal themselves to be your target through abnormal acts or the existence of their animal companion, but you still have to get them to transform for a confirmed hit. If you just follow a Magical Girl long enough, a Youma will eventually pop up nearby and the girl will have to transform.


Other MGH groups

You can cooperate with friendly MGH groups, and should probably destroy unfriendly ones. You can never eliminate all MGH groups because more will keep popping up. Attacking any MGH group, even unfriendly ones, may raise the hostility of other MGH groups towards you. Since one of the MGHs is Chaos, most MGHs you wipe out will eventually return from the hospital and the one who is Chaos always will.


It's possible for any of the five major factions to win the game. If you latch onto one and are successful in your operations, it will probably win. Some factions, except for Good, may see you as a danger and attempt to take you out; Good may send angels to protect you from other factions unless you are seen as undeserving of help.

Faction power

All factions' powers effect the factions' abilities to raise Magical Girls and Youma. Further, the Order character's strength is raised by its faction's power; If the Order faction has absolutely no power, Order is still as strong as the Devil. Good and Evil can raise Angels and Devils by amounts based on their factional strengths, while the Devil's strength is static.


The final Armageddon usually comes without any warning other than the main line of plot being completed and an increasing amount of interfactional warfare. Order and Evil can be defeated by the killing of Order and the Devil, respectively. Chaos can be defeated by the destruction of Chaos and most of the Yakuza and the Magical Girl Hunter groups (who may stop reappearing after Armageddon). Good can be defeated through the invasion of Heaven, which only Evil can accomplish; in game terms, the elimination of all Angels and the survival of Evil. I forget what the fifth faction was or even if it was ever mentioned. The Magical Girls themselves are unknowing lackeys to any of the factions, while the Youma are lackeys to any faction other than Good.


Like Syndicate, your character can take items to fill out a few slots. You can also put items in a vehicle and go back to re-equip in the middle of an engagement. Nothing should take up more than one slot.

  • A slew of different gun and ammunition types are avaiable. Rockets will take up an inventory slot each. Grenades may be a few per slot.
  • Hand to hand weapons include tasers, knives and swords. Magically-enhanced swords are available, some dealing straight magic damage and others having an alignment and doing damage accordingly.
  • Medkits.
  • Keys and keycards.
  • Scanners of various sorts.
  • Important papers and things whose retrieval is the objective.
  • A wallet, containing money and credit cards.
  • Gold bricks, jewelry, and other things that can be converted to cash.
  • A PDA for entering strategic mode.
  • A four leaf clover or rabbit's foot will raise Luck. Characters with Order alignment cannot carry them. Clovers are more effective than rabbits' feet but are destroyed after one use.
  • Having a Bible on hand will double Good's attitude towards what you're doing at the time. Characters with Evil alignment cannot carry them.
  • Magical-girl wands

Magical Girl Wands

Magical-girl wands play a large part in the story so must be included as items in the game. On hit jobs, you may be required to retrieve the girl's wand, and other wands can be found in faction bases. Their effect if used is to turn the wielder into a Magical Girl/Woman (probably a Magical Woman graphic with strength of a Magical Girl). Since this makes the wielder much more powerful, there must be a significant downside to doing this (beyond the gender change for male wielders). Certainly you will lose a great deal of reputation. In addition, you will become a big enemy of whoever lost the wand, and the other factions will not think highly of you either. Youma will begin showing up wherever you are. You will probably make enemies of everyone in your squad. The game must have a method of discouraging accidental use of a wand; perhaps requiring ten clicks in a row on it.


PDAs contain contact information. If one is lost, you have to go around with a new PDA and find your contacts to get their information again. If you find someone else's PDA, you gain information on their contacts which can help you get extra jobs or find new sources of equipment. You can also enter strategic mode a PDA or from a computer at your squad's office. Each PDA in the game does not necessarily have a different set of information, as there is a default “blank set” which most PDAs and computers have and which any revert to when pawned.

Strategic Mode

Strategic mode is just a place where you can review a bunch of things while the game is essentially paused:

  • The game map and locations of important places and events
  • Job offerings, jobs completed and failed
  • Known intelligence on other groups and factions
  • The game's on-line manual, save and load functions, etc.

Essentially, all the information you have gathered throughout the game which could be useful in the future, as well as records of past actions, is available through Strategic Mode if your characters haven't lost this information somehow. The information can be lost through loss of a PDA and destruction of the squad's computer. A blank PDA can copy the data from a squad computer, but a PDA cannot have its information copied to any computer other than the squad's.

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