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Ninja Golf 3-D



Take the Ninja Golf game discussed (and cloned) by I-Mockery and transplant it to a 3-D world.



The player's objective is to get under par. There are plenty of enemies trying to interfere with the player, including other golfing ninjas.

Development Roadmap

Version 0.1

  • TODO: List features…


Technical Features

  • 3-D world
  • Multiplayer
  • Realtime – several players moving at once

Gameplay Features

Input controls

There are two input modes.

Action Mode
  • Arrows / Joystick – movement
  • Button 1: jump
  • Button 2: kick
  • Button 3: throw shuriken

Alternate possibilities:

  • Remove jump ability; Forward-kick to do a flying kick, reverse-kick for a normal kick, side-kick for a spinning kick.
  • On shuriken:
    • It should be possible to aim up or down when throwing shuriken.
    • There may be a button to enter/exit a shuriken throwing mode where the player uses a combination of keyboard and mouse.
Golfing Mode
  • Arrows / Joystick (left and right) – rotate
  • Arrows / Joystick (up and down) – change club
  • Button 1: swing / connect (like in World Class Leaderboard aka “Looks Like He Hit The Tree, Jim” Golf)
  • Button 2: Jump away and return to Action Mode

Game rules

You begin at the starting tee in golfing mode. After hitting the ball, you must chase after it on foot, fighting monsters and rival ninjas along the way. If the ball lands in a water hazard, you have to hit it from underwater. The final green is guarded by a fireball-breathing dragon.

Walking over your ball will put you back into golfing mode.

You have a limited number of lives. You lose a life if you take enough damage.

Cartoon violence only. Ninjas will never use their clubs as weapons. Certain monsters may be knocked out or forced to retreat but not be killed.

In addition to stroke score, players may also be ranked by the time it takes them to complete the course.

Game challenges

Beasties and hostile ninjas.

Sand traps and water traps.

Some monsters run around the course with fake flags. You might hit the ball in the wrong direction because of them.

Useful Strategies

Clear monsters away from the area around the ball.

Save shuriken for the dragon and other difficult monsters.

You may want to double-team the dragon or wait for another ninja to distract it.

Don't attack every ninja you see because not all of them are hostile.



Ninjas are stereotypical ninjas jumping around with flying kicks while shouting a routine, almost bored “hi-yah.” Each carries a golf bag and has a limited number of throwing stars. They differ in the color of their ninja gear.

One ninja with a good AI may have tiger-striped ninja gear.

Player Character

The player character is just another ninja.


TODO. Basically clone everything from the original game and add more as ideas come to mind.


A strong enemy found in wooded areas.

Minor Characters


The sensei has the face and long white beard of a stereotypical aged Japanese sensei while wearing a golfing hat, plaid shorts, and a kimono, and using a golf club for a cane. Aim for a silly clash-of-cultures appearance. He appears on the game-over screen to tell you to that you have brought dishonour to your family and you must try again.


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