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This idea dates back to GCSETOriginalGame and was meant to be used in GCSETGameSequel. All of the different dimensional aspects of a space battle – locations, angles, distances, and so forth – are merged into a single variable called Aspect, with a range of 0-1, which affects the chance of hitting an enemy.

The goal was to make it easy to develop a spaceship-based RPG, but choosing what to merge and how to do it is almost as complex a task as building a real physics engine.

  • When the ship picks a new target, how is the ship's initial Aspect determined?
    • If there is some connection of Targets to the other ship, it should be … some number.
    • Otherwise?
  • Should each ship have an Aspect to every other ship (an Aspect table), or to only one Aspect for the ship that it is currently targeting?
    • An Aspect table allows Aspects to draw down slowly if there is a connection of Targets, and rapidly if there is not.
  • How should the Aspect engine account for ships being very close to each other and scissoring?
  • Which of 0 and 1 should be full and no aspect?
    • Original thought was to be like range: 1 is far away, 0 is perfectly targeted
    • We could also have 0 be far away and 1 be perfectly targeted. Hit chance is then a straight multiplication.
    • The original thought also used an int rather than a float.


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