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A Starcraft parody mod with additional races based on other universes.

Cover art

An exasperated Kerrigan sighs while flanked by Beavis and Butthead while a redshirt Trekkie smiles in the foreground and the USS Enterprise and Goku on his cloud fly overhead.

In the title, the work “Crack” is shattering, with more of a shatter effect towards the end of the word.

Development Roadmap

Short-Term Goals

  • Finish defining the race units and buildings.
  • Develop a 30-mission single player campaign.

Long-Term Goals

  • Make the new races playable in LAN.
  • Consider targeting Starcraft 2.


Every faction in the universe attempts to acquire the Pshit Disturber for the war against the Zerg, with the Zerg trying to capture it to keep anyone else from using it. The Pshit Disturber is damaged in the chaos, causing it to warp in factions from other dimensions as a bad excuse to get a bunch of crossover going. The rest is just crossover fandomservice and bad jokes.

30 levels should be enough to give the player a few turns on each side of each race.


The player is introduced to the story through the Starcraft mission briefing system.


The game takes place after the events of the Brood War expansion pack.


Mission 01

  • Player: Protoss
  • Enemy: Terrans and Zerg

The Protoss learn about the Pshit Disturber and attack it to take it and keep the Terrans from doing something stupid with it. You are attacking a Terran defense post along the way. You start with four Carriers and the Terrans start with a larger base. A Zerg patrol arrives five minutes into the game and engages both sides.

Mission 02

  • Player: Terrans
  • Enemy: Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss

A rebel Terran faction attacks to pull the Pshit Disturber away from the faction currently holding it. Both fight off Zerg and Protoss scout patrols.

The fighting greatly weakens the defenses around the station. With most of the Terran forces holding off the Protoss, the Zerg have an clear path to attack.

Mission 03

  • Player: Zerg
  • Allies: Zerg (w/ Kerrigan) (temporary)
  • Enemies: Terrans

You are a Zerg Undermind sent by a rogue Cerebrate to observe Kerrigan's forces and make sure that one of your drones reaches the checkpoint before one of hers does. As an Undermind instead of an Overmind, you can only control 75 units. Kerrigan stays in her base and you lose if she dies. You can break your alliance with Kerrigan's Zerg at any time, at which point they will attack you too.

Mission 04 (commando mission)

  • Player: Terran (w/ Elites)
  • Enemies: Zerg, Terran, Idiots

Terran Elites dispatched to save the Pshit Disturber. You will slice your way through dozens of weak enemies. If things are going slowly, you get support from CPU-controlled Marines at 5 and 10 minutes in and from Protoss Dark Templar at 15. You might also find loyal Marines as you go.

The elites' liftoff and nuke abilities are disabled on this mission since they are on a space station.

Preliminary Script

Raynor hails the station where the Pshit Disturber is kept to announce that his forces are coming to remove it to a safer location.

Raynor: “This is Captain Raynor of the Hyperion to MacGuffin Station. Our forces will be taking the Pshit Disturber to a safer and preferably undisclosed location. We request your cooperation. Don't make this hard on us. The Zerg are the real enemy.”

Kerrigan pops up on screen.

Raynor: “You!”

Kerrigan: “Yes, me. I am in control of this station and the Pshit Disturber after some troubles with an uncooperative Undermind and the willing cooperation of a few influential Terrans.”

Raynor: “I don't believe it. After all of your treachery, what Terrans could possibly be stupid enough to ally with you?”

On cue, Beavis and Butthead appear.

Butthead: “Huh huh huh.” Beavis: “She said that if we went with her, heh heh, she'd like totally do it with us.” Butthead: “Huh huh huh, yeah. We're gonna score. Huh huh huh.”

Raynor: ”… Enjoy your little victory while it lasts. You pushed too far forward. Our fleets are routing the Zerg from this sector, the Protoss are wiping out your reinforcements as we speak, and this task force has enough Marines to handle anything you've been able to sneak onto that station.”

Kerrigan: “We shall see about that. You clearly do not understand the power of the Pshit Disturber.”

Kerrigan, Beavis and Butthead drop out.

Raynor: “Well.”

An Earth commander appears.

Commander: “Captain Raynor, if I may intervene. We have brought an elite special forces team directly from Earth. They are the best of the best. If we want to take the station back with haste, I suggest that they lead the assault.”

Raynor: “Time is of the essence, and we are on the same side in this fight. Let's do it.”


On success, the elites notice the Pshit Disturber has been modified and attempt to use their magic powers to stop it. This opens up a transdimensional wormhole which sucks in ships from different dimensions.

The mission has a 15-minute time limit. If time runs out, Raynor and his reinforcements appear and then Kerrigan uses the Pshit Disturber to cause all of them to die at once. Superman says that this looks like a bad ending, and you get the Mission Failed screen. You might be given a thirty-second window before everyone dies. It will look like the marines are reconquering the station just before the Pshit Disturber kills them.

Mission 05

  • Player: Terrans
  • Enemy: Nobody (one Zerg drone in a corner)

In lieu of a cutscene, we see the stuff warp in and characters talk as events. All the confusion takes upwards of 2-5 minutes to sort out. You can skip the mission by moving Raynor's ship to a checkpoint. To avoid an instant victory, there is a single zerg drone in a corner.

Raynor and the Earth Special Forces withdraw under Protoss Guard to observe the fallout.

Mission 06

  • Player: Idiots
  • Enemy: Terran

You have to last fifteen minutes while Kerrigan escapes offscreen to join a fresh Zerg attack wave.

Mission 07

  • Player: Idiots
  • Allies: Zerg
  • Enemy: Protoss

Kerrigan tasks you to assist a surviving Zerg Cerebrate in fighting off a Protoss carrier squadron so it can rejoin the approaching attack wave.

The Zerg depart after 30 minutes, disappearing from the map and leaving you to fight the Protoss on your own.

Preliminary Script

Butthead: “Huh huh, that was awesome. We totally kicked their asses.”

Beavis: “Yeah, yeah! We killed their aaaaaaass!”

Kerrigan appears.

Kerrigan: “I am … pleasantly surprised to see that you have survived. You should make yourselves useful. The Cerebrate Fuzz is currently –”

Butthead: “Are we going to score?”

Kerrigan: “Yes. You are going to score.”

Beavis: “All right YEAH!”

Butthead: “Awesome. This is going to rule.”

Kerrigan: ” – but first, you must go to planet Kintyre to assist the Cerebrate Fuzz who is under siege by a small Protoss fleet. You must destroy enough of the Protoss for Fuzz to extract itself from the planet's surface and return to the staging area.”

Butthead: “Uh…”

Kerrigan: “Go to planet Kintyre and destroy the Protoss.”

Beavis: “Yeah, yeah! Let's kick their asses!”

Mission 08

  • Player: Confed (Confed only)
  • Allies: Trekkies, Terrans (begin with fleet)
  • Enemies: Kilrathi (Confed+Kilrathi side with Kilrathi ships only, begin with fleet)

The Kilrathi sneak-attack what they believe to be their human enemies' reinforcements before the humans can establish a base of operations. They strike the Terran Dominion fleet around MacGuffin with enough force to destroy it, and then set their sights on the Trekkies.

Move the Tiger's Claw to the Enterprise and ensure both ships survive the mission.

Idea: Make the player the Trekkies and give them only the Tiger's Claw to represent the Confed.

Idea: Alternately, the Confed had already started building an outpost to defend themselves from the Kilrathi, and you have to contact the Trekkies before they start building anything in their defense.

Idea: Scrap the old idea of having the Tiger's Claw and Enterprise in this one. Have the Enterprise in long enough to say we're not getting involved because of the Temporal Prime Directive, and bye! and it warps out, leaving you to fend for yourself.

NOTE: This Kilrathi point of view will not be on the briefing because you will be seeing it from a Terran point of view. Alternately, it may be presented as an intercepted transmission.

“Our Terran enemies have wisely chosen not to engage us, but this will not last. While we have been unable to determine our current location, we have been observing the communications of the unidentified vessels that we have found surrounding us. Most of them identify as being from Terra, and they appear to be arguing over who is to assume command of their combined fleet. When they resolve their argument, they will outnumber us greatly. We must strike their scattered parts before they come together.”

The Confed point of view might be “the cats are not going to sit there and wait”, “we should form a defensive position”.

Mission 09

  • Player:Kilrathi
  • Allies: Protoss (after 30 minutes)
  • Enemy: Zerg

The Kilrathi retreat from the swarm of humans only to run into an enemy they have never encountered and are poorly equipped to handle. If you have not won after thirty minutes, the Protoss arrive to save your ass.

The experience with the Zerg and the presence of another alien race allied to the humans makes the Kilrathi decide that a temporary alliance with the humans and Protoss will be beneficial.


  • Kilrathi join the grand alliance (hostiles suppressed)
  • Confed now has access to Kilrathi ships.

Mission 10

  • Player: Trekkies
  • Enemy: Zerg

The Trekkies go out to make peace with the Zerg. This goes poorly. You start with the Enterprise on your side for extra firepower.

Mission 11

  • Player: Trekkies
  • Enemies: Protoss, Zerg

A rogue Protoss fleet demands the Trekkies surrender their high technology. The Trekkies refuse based on the Interdimensional Prime Directive, leading to a fight. A Zerg swarm attacks both sides twenty minutes into the battle.

Why can't they share technology when they are allying in the war? They are following the Really Prime Prime Directive of don't die.

Mission 12

  • Player: Confed+Kilrathi
  • Allies: Trekkies, Terrans
  • Enemy: Zerg

The Trekkies retreat from a large Zerg invasion force. Their new Confederation and Kilrathi allies come to their rescue to cement their alliance against the mutual threat. A Terran task force tags along, mostly to keep an eye on the new powers.

Mission 13

  • Player: Idiots
  • Allies: Zerg
  • Enemy: Confed/Kilrathi, Trekkies, Terrans, Zerg

Kerrigan orders the Idiots to assist the Zerg in an attack on the human rear guard. Butthead's response: “That's like far away from you. When are we gonna score?” After dropping comms, she orders the commanding Cerebrate to attack the Idiots after the Terrans are destroyed since they have outlived their limited usefulness.


  • The Zerg gain the upper hand against the as-yet unallied players.
  • The Zerg advance is starting to form.
  • The different factions are starting to make alliances of convenience against the Zerg.

(Letter missions are not sorted)

Mission AA

  • Player: Protoss (w/ Raynor and Penis)
  • Enemy: Zerg

Raynor is introduced to, not Fenix, but his brother Penis. Add jokes about thrusting into the enemy and fighting long and hard. Raynor drops comms with “excuse me for a moment”, clearly having trouble holding it together. With him off line, the Protoss share a laugh that the Terrans have a commander named Raynor. “Surely it means something different in Terran!”

Mission BB

  • Player: Confed (w/ Tiger's Claw and Kilrathi)
  • Enemy: Trekkies

The Tiger's Claw moves to rescue an isolated Trekkie outpost that is too close to the Zerg. Secretly, their secondary mission is to “rescue” as much Trekkie technology as possible and to let the Kilrathi take as little as possible. The Trekkies refuse to go along, announce that they are Section 31 and pledge to unleash the Zerg on every race in Star Trek, ending in “and those bloody Vulcans!” The Confed prepare to fight a far superior force and hope their shield-bypassing torpedoes can even the fight.

Mission FF

  • Player: Trekkie
  • Enemy: Confed/Kilrathi, Protoss

Section 31 takes revenge on the Confeds for the previous attack. The Tiger's Claw barely escapes through a Protoss jump gate. The Trekkies then fight the Protoss for allowing their enemies to escape.

Mission HH

  • Player: Terran
  • Enemy: Trekkie

A Terran Fleet puts down the last of the rogue Trekkies.


  • The Trekkies join the alliance (hostiles are suppressed)

Mission CC (commando mission)

  • Player: Confed (w/ Tiger's Claw)
  • Enemy: Protoss

An Earth fleet sends a distress signal, trapped between a hostile Protoss fleet and the Zerg. The Tiger's Claw answers because they are still emotionally attached to anybody from Earth. The mission is to guide the Claw through several checkpoints and/or destroy several small Protoss bases to make a path for the Earth fleet to escape. You get the Claw, four Broadswords, a pair of Exeters, and a Trekkie Constitution-class that tags along. You may have to disable some pylons for the ships to escape over a field of plasma cannons.

This mission should be moved forward if we are going to keep it.

Mission II

  • Player: Zerg
  • Enemies: Confed/Kilrathi, Trekkies

The Zerg note that a defensive alliance has been established and send a Cerebrate to break the weaker part of it. You get a head start in minerals and can choose which of the two enemy bases to attack first.

Mission DD

  • Player: Terran (w/ Elites)
  • Allies: Trekkies, Confed/Kilrathi
  • Enemy: Zerg

After the Trekkies and Confeds go into retreat, Earth sends the Elite Strike Force to assist the new allies against a large Zerg force. Loss of any allied base will fail the mission, but you have a full Terran base of your own. Loss of any Elite will fail the mission.


  • The Zerg offensive is halted after this mission.

Mission JJ

  • Player: Zerg
  • Enemy: Protoss

As a surviving Cerebrate (or another Undermind with a 50 unit limit?) from Kerrigan's reinforcements, you have to hold out for fifteen minutes until the larger Zerg attack force arrives. Commence turtling. The reinforcements are a huge attack wave (3 * 100 mutas and derivatives minus overlords and drones) that should wipe out the Protoss in a snap.

This mission may be removed since it does not involve the new factions, but I want to see the Huge Zerg Swarm appear in a mission.

This mission should be near the beginning of the Zerg offensive.

Mission 27

  • Player: Trekkies
  • Allies: Terrans, Protoss, Zerg
  • Enemies: Borg Cube, Zerg

All factions fight a single Borg Cube which slowly wanders the map from one resource location to another, annihilating anything in its path. It has 10,000 HP and is always invulnerable to one faction's damage. Whenever hit by another faction, a timer counts five seconds before it becomes invulnerable to that faction's attacks.

The mission begins with Kerrigan and the Borg arguing over who is going to assimilate whom.

Upon the Cube's destruction, the Zerg break alliance and attack.

Mission 28

  • Player: Terrans
  • Allies: Protoss, Trekkies, Confed/Kilrathi
  • Enemies: Zerg

With the Zerg positions decimated by the Borg, the allies lead an attack on a well-fortified Zerg position. Raynor and Penis are available in this mission.

This may be the mission where Penis is introduced to Raynor.

Mission 29 (commando mission)

  • Player: Terran Elites
  • Enemies: Zerg

The Terran Elites assassinate Kerrigan (it's not canon). Any of the Elites may be killed in this mission without causing a failure as long as one of them survives to see Kerrigan die.

Mission 30

  • Player: The Idiots
  • Enemies: Terrans, Trekkies, Protoss, Confed/Kilrathi

Leaderless, Beavis and Butthead kill everybody. All hero units except the Elites are available to the enemy and are killed in this battle.

This can use the same map as the last level of Starcraft, with you in the Overmind's position and one enemy faction in each corner. The corner that has only vespene gas geysers and no minerals will need to be modified.

Mission grid

NOTE: This grid needs to be updated after the missions have been rearranged and edited.

The player faction is LEFT and the primary enemy is TOP.

| | Terr | Prot | Zerg | Trek | Beav | Conf |

Terr 02 HH
Prot 01
Zerg 0309 II
Trek 11GG12 FF
Beav 06300730 14
Conf CC13BB 08

Quick thoughts

  • More Protoss v. Else missions are needed.
  • New faction missions have higher priority than old faction missions.
  • The script forces the Zerg to be the enemies of everyone. We need more reasons for there to be enemy Protoss and internecine battles between the Terran factions.
  • On general principle, the game should have one new thing in each mission. It could be access to a new unit, a scripted event, or something else to make the game play abnormal.
  • Consider merging mission ideas and having multiple enemies per mission. By comparison, the Starcraft missions have a lot going on in them.
  • Consider cutting from 30 missions to 24.

New Races

In short:

  • The Idiots out-swarm the Zerg.
  • The Trekkies out-Battlecruiser the Terrans.
  • The Confed/Kilrathi out-Carrier the Protoss.

Both strengths and weaknesses are exaggerated from the more balanced official races.

The Idiots

Beavis and Butt-head units. Very weak units, centered on ground attacks, swarming, and rapid expansion.

Idiot Land Units

Beavis & Butt-Head

Produced in pairs.

  • Cost: M25 to create one of each unit.
  • Health: 25HP
  • Attack (ranged): 5-damage ranged attack. Beavis hocks a loogie and Butt-head uses a slingshot.
  • Attack (melee): 3-damage rapid melee, beating their fists against whatever is there
  • Description: Produced in pairs. They are also this side's relatively slow miners, but since you can train two at a time, they allow for rapid growth. You can also build an unlimited number of them. Their AI will attack enemies in range unless they are carrying something. Beavises can be transformed into additional non-mining units, the Firebat Beavis and the Cornholio, and cannot be transformed back.
Firebat Beavis

A firebat. Heheh, fire is cool!

They can be rapidly produced by moving Beavises to the Hand of Nads. As the weakest of three ground melee units, you need a reason to produce them. Rapid production is a good reason. Another good reason is to make the other units require a level 2 or 3 command center.

  • Health: 80HP
  • Attack (melee) 15 damage.

Analogous to WC2's Ogre. Can use Bloodlust (“KICK ME IN THE NADS!”). They are overwhelming in numbers but take a long time to produce and their attack power is cut in half when they run out of mana.

Bloodlust may require a Level 3 Couch+TV to research.

  • Health: 250HP
  • Attack (melee) 30 damage.

An Idiocracy truck with a giant spiked penis on the front. Butthead is driving and headbanging out the window. The vehicle is the size of a tank, taking up four map squares. These are meant to be used like the Ultralisk, to absorb damage and lead an attack on a hardpoint.

It may have a “first strike” power that adds extra damage if it has moved since the last attack. Perhaps 2 damage per second of movement to a maximum of 50 extra damage. This could be handled by giving the truck mana when it moves and draining it when it stops, then dealing mana / 5 damage on first strike and clearing the mana counter.


Specialty unit. Auto-fires slowdown spells at nearby enemies as they are confused by his presence. May wander about aimlessly after production, with the AI of an animal. May be a detector.


They appear like Larva at a Park Bench when a Beavis or Butthead is present. They can transform into Loaded Pigeons when Beavis or Butthead feeds them Alka-Seltzer.

Aeon Flux [may be removed]

A fast-moving, rapid-firing Ghost.

Engineer [may be removed]

Has the appearance of Daria Morgendorfer in a hard hat. Does the work of building the Idiots' buildings, and can repair buildings and vehicles. Can capture heavily damaged enemy buildings like the engineer in Command and Conquer. She has a slow movement speed and no attack.

Should she be the only builder unit or simply a better one that can build buildings four to eight times faster? I am thinking of having her be a better builder, available at a high level.

She also has TF2 engineer skills, the ability to build one each of:

  • An immobile sentry turret that has 50HP and a Marine's attack
    • Upgradable to doing double damage
    • Further upgradeable to having a long-range missile attack
  • An immobile healing station that only works on biological units
  • A teleporter entrance and exit. Only small units will be able to use it.

Idiot Air Units

Hippie Flying Machine:

Detector. An unarmed tie-died WC2 Gnome flying machine flown by B&B's hippie teacher.

Hot Air Balloon: [may be removed]
  • Cost: M25, V100.

Air transport. Powered by farts. May require a Beavis or Butthead unit be loaded to operate. May be faster if more are present.

Loaded Pidgeon

A pidgeon that Beavis and Butthead fed Alka-Seltzer. It acts as a Scourge but will explode on its own in 45 seconds.

[Air attack unit needed]

The Idiots need a unit that can attack air defense stations to allow transports in.

Alternatively, we may make Idiot transports really cheap and allow them to use a lot of them.

Idiot Buildings


Command-center equivalent. Produces Beavises and Buttheads. Easy to destroy, cheap to replace.

You may need to upgrade the Couch to get access to advanced buildings and units.

  • Level 1: CRT
  • Level 2: Plasma TV
  • Level 3: Liquid TV
Burger World

The farm-equivalent. Raises the unit limit. They are the size of pylons, 2×2.

Shooting Range
  • HP: 100

Air defense structure. Beavis launches a clay pigeon and Butt-Head shoots a nearby air target for 100-200 damage. It deals a lot of damage on first strike but is very slow to reload. There might be a chance that Butt-Head misses the enemy and hits the clay pigeon that he is aiming at. The shooting range must be populated by two B&Bs to work. You may need to buy clay pigeons and ammo for 2M each.

[Ground defense building needed]

Do you need a ground defense structure when most of your units are groundpounders and your workers all have ranged attacks and will use them if someone attacks you early?

The Idiots could get a (weak) ground defense if we keep the Daria-Engineer unit and give her the ability to build turrets.

Hippie Commune (Level 1)

Produces Flying Machines.

Gym (Level 2)

Produces Coaches.

  • Upgrade: Bloodlust [Level 3]. Gives Coaches a spell that increases attack speed like Stimpacks but does not damage the user. Coaches will automatically cast Bloodlust on themselves when they attack an enemy or see another Coach cast Bloodlust in their line of sight.
  • Upgrade: Protective Cup. Beavis, Butthead, and Coach units gain 1 defense.
  • Upgrade: Weight Training. Beavis, Butthead, and Coach units gain 1 attack.
Monster Truck Show

Produces Smashers.

  • Upgrade: Hydraulics. Increases truck speed and damage done on first strike.
  • Upgrade: Sheet Metal Plating. Increases armor by 2 per upgrade, maximum 6.
Park Bench
  • Transformation cost: 25V
  • Upgrade: Experiment on pidgeons. Increases their speed.
  • Upgrade: Experiment on pidgeons. Increases their HP by 30.

Produces Pidgeons while a Beavis or Butthead is present. The Pidgeons appear and act like Zerg Larva but can only transform into Loaded Pidgeons. The transformation is instant and the Loaded Pidgeons have a temporary life span.

Hand of Nads
  • Transformation cost: 25M, 25V

A parody of the Hand of Nod from Command and Conquer, this building has the appearance of a clenched hand crushing a scrotum. It automatically transforms Beavises into Firebat Beavises if the funds are available. Transformed units automatically exit the building and cannot reenter.

Coffee Shop
  • Transformation cost: 25M, 25V
  • Upgrade: Morning Wake Up Brew increases Cornholio's sight range.
  • Upgrade: Triple Shot increases Cornholio's mana to 250.

Transforms Beavises into Cornholios.

Liquid Television [may be removed]

Structure allowing production of Ghosts with an Aeon Flux image and extra movement speed.

Remote Control (Level 3) [may be removed]

A building that can cast the Dark Archon's Mind Control on an enemy unit at a very large range. It has its own mana bar.

Engineering School (Level 2) [may be removed]

Allows production of Engineer (Daria) units.

  • Upgrade: Orange Pack. Grants Daria the set of TF2 abilities.
Rollercoaster of Love (Level 3) [may be removed]

A temporary structure that drains itself of mana and destroys itself when it runs out. The structure is large (4×4 or 4×5) and fragile (low HP).

While it is standing, it temporarily gives all Beavis and Butthead units +5 to attack and defense, passive healing, extra speed, and double attack speed. All other Idiot units gain a small bonus, circa 10%-20%, to their attack and defense.

When the structure is completed, the Red Hot Chili Peppers song plays for all players. The song ends when the structure is destroyed. The song may be edited down since 4:30 is a large chunk of game time.

Idiot Tactics

The player should be able to build Beavises and Buttheads faster than other teams can build their miners. These units' ranged attack should provide a suitable defense against an early rush of weak units. The player may want to build a Hand of Nads near the mining facility to quickly transform Beavises into Firebats.

The Idiots can build aerial scout/detector units earlier than anyone else, so they may have advance knowledge of attacks and should not be susceptible to Dark Templar or Wraith rushes.

The player should be able to use Smashers as damage sponges and hardpoint assault units, Coaches as attack units, and huge swarms of Beavises and Buttheads as ranged support units.

The Idiots have weak air defense and will need to build a lot of Park Benches and Shooting Ranges. The Shooting Ranges should be built on the perimeter of the base and the Park Benches internally so the pidgeons don't get shot before you can use them. Both facilities will require you to pull Beavises and Buttheads off of mining duty.


Weak early, very powerful endgame ships, very small defensive buildings, very large construction yards. Just copy the Terrans for anything that isn't replaced.

A Trekkie fleet should annihilate an equally sized Protoss Carrier fleet by shooting down drones faster than they can rebuild.

Trekkie Ground Units

  • Cost: M50
  • HP: 15HP
  • Attack: 15 damage long-range phaser attack.

The Redshirt's range is longer than its line of sight, so it can shoot farther if there is another unit around to spot for it.

  • Cost: M50
  • HP: 15HP

The Blueshirt is a Medic. It looks like Dr. Crusher from TNG.

Yellow Shirt
  • HP: 100
  • Attack (ranged): 15 damage long-range phaser attack.
  • Attack (melee): 15 kick.

The Yellow Shirt is randomly created 1/16 of the time that a Redshirt was called for. It is Same as a Redshirt, but has 100HP and a melee kick attack that it will use if someone melees it. It looks like Kirk from TOS.

Annoying Ensign
  • Cost: M100, V50

Is a Detector. Can cast Lockdown and EMP. Looks like Wesley.

Transporting Unit
  • HP: 100

A visible transporter beam when a unit is being “beamed down”. It is replaced by the desired unit after three seconds. The transporter beam has 100HP and can be destroyed to kill the unit being beamed down before it arrives. Transporter units have a 13/16 chance of creating a Redshirt and a 1/16 chance of beaming down a Blueshirt, Yellow Shirt, or Annoying Ensign.

Trekkie Ground Unit Advancements

Set Phasers To Kill
  • Cost: M300 + V300

Doubles Redshirt attack power to 30 damage. “I forgot we could do that!”

Personal Shields
  • Cost: M100+V100

Gives Trekkie ground units a 15-point shield.

Trekkie Air Units

Unless otherwise stated:

  • Trekkie air units spend 4 energy to fire their main weapons.
  • Trekkie air units can build up to 5 Photon Torpedos for M20 each. The torpedo is like a fast Reaver Scarab that can be fired at either air or ground units but the same torpedo will not hit both.
  • Trekkie air units can “beam down” (instantly create) 3 Trekkie ground units for a cost of 50 energy.
  • Trekkie air units do not need to stop to target an enemy, and will fire while on the run.
  • Trekkie air units do not need to turn towards an enemy to fire their main guns at them.
  • Trekkie air units do need to turn towards an enemy, or directly away from an enemy. to fire a photon torpedo. If the enemy is behind them but not directly, the Trekkie unit will turn so it is directly behind them before firing.
  • Trekkie air units have very good sight. Detectors can also see a bit farther than other Trekkie air units.
  • Trekkie air units spend some energy to recharge their shields.
  • Cost: M100, V100
  • HP: 70HP/70shield

The Shuttlecraft is otherwise a Terran dropship. It has no weapons or transporter.

  • Cost: M200, V200
  • HP: 100HP/100shield
  • Attack: 20 damage
  • Torpedo Capacity: 1

The Runabout is an upgraded Shuttlecraft with faster speed and a 20-pt phaser and can fire torpedoes. It must turn to face the enemy. It spends 10 energy to fire its main weapon. It has no transporter.

Delta Flyer
  • Cost: M1000, V100
  • HP: 800HP/100shield

The Delta Flyer is the fastest and bestest transport ship of any faction. The Trekkies don't have any ground units of value to transport in it, but it has enough HP to fly straight through strong defenses.

  • Cost: M300, V300
  • HP: 200HP/200shield
  • Attack: 35 damage
  • Torpedo Capacity: 3

The Constitution is otherwise a Terran battlecruiser.

  • Cost: M350, V400
  • HP: 250HP/250shield
  • Attack: 35 damage
  • Torpedo Capacity: 3

The Excelsior is faster than a Constitution.

  • Cost: M400, V500
  • HP: 250HP/250shield
  • Attack: 35 damage
  • Torpedo Capacity: 3

The Nebula is a Detector.

  • Cost: M600, V500
  • HP: 300HP/200shield
  • Attack: 35 damage (*4)

The Defiant can fire its weapon four times in quick succession between cooldown times, is as fast as a Protoss Scout, and must turn to face the enemy. It can only attack air units.

  • Cost: M600, V600
  • HP: 400HP, 300shield
  • Attack: 35 damage (*2) (can target separate units)
  • Torpedo Capacity: 5

The Akira can target two units, hitting the ones nearest to its starboard and port edges.

  • Cost: M1000, V1000
  • HP: 500HP, 500shield
  • Attack: 35 damage (*2) (can target separate units)
  • Torpedo Capacity: 5

The Galaxy's transporter creates 5 Trekkie ground units instead of 3. It is also a Detector.

Trekkie Ground Facilities

Trekkie defenses are 1×1 spires that are individually weak but can be combined into more powerful defenses by building lots of them.

Phaser Spire

75 shield, 75HP, 25 damage.

Heavy Phaser Spire

same defenses, 60 damage, slightly longer range.

Sensor Spire

Has a very large visual range, but is not a Detector.

Deep Scan Spire

Can detect cloaked units, but does not have the visual range of the Sensor Spire.

Shield Spire

Will transfer shield to any nearby Spire that is under attack.

Photon Launcher

Can build and fire photon torpedos at air units only. Can transfer photons to a ship.

Basic Shipyard

Can build only the Constitution or Shuttlecraft. The basic shipyard is larger than a Terran Command Center. Trekkie shipyards are huge.

Large Shipyard

Can also build the Akira.

Defiant Shipyard

Can build only the Defiant. Is a specialized shipyard.

Utopia Shipyard

Can build Constitution, Nebula, or Galaxy.

Trekkie Air Unit Advancements:

Design Akira
  • Cost: M200, V200
Design Defiant
  • Cost: M200, V300
Design Delta Flyer
  • Cost: M25, V25
  • Time: 15 seconds
Reverse Polarity

Drops cost of ships firing phasers from 5 to 4.

Subspace Scan

Allow Constitution and larger ships to Scan for 50 energy.

Reroute Power Through Deflector Dish

A series of upgrades that each increases all ships' max energy by 5 points.

  • Reroute Power Through Deflector Dish
  • Stabilize Antimatter Containment Field
  • Repeal Safety Parameters
  • Insert Dilithium Supplements
  • Decongest Warp Nacelles
  • Turn Off Artificial Gravity
  • Turn Off Life Support
  • Increase Special Effects Budget
  • Feed The Hamster
  • Rub Data's Cat Backwards

The 'r' key can apply to all of these.

Trekkie Tactics

The Trekkies should use their battlecruisers as damage sponges and lookouts for their ground units. Trekkie ground units have incredibly weak defense but they have a long range and do a significant amount of damage on first strike. If they can be kept alive long enough to fire multiple shots, they will win the day.

Kilrathi + Confederation

Wing Commander units from the other WC. They are a weak faction which is overtly air-centric and carrier-centric, without the capacity to launch significant ground attacks.

All WCverse starfighters can launch a single Missile, which will peg an enemy air unit for 12 damage, and can also make an Interceptor-style strafing run. WCverse starfighters will first seek out and destroy air units by size (smallest to largest) and speed, letting their default AI be a defense against Intercepters and Scourges.

WCVerse capital ships can carry long-range torpedoes which cost 15M,10V to build and do 100 damage to the target. The AI will automatically fire them at Large Air units. The AI will not fire them at ground units, but you can target ground units if you choose.

Consider replacing purchaseable “torpedoes” with the ships simply doing a lot of air damage with missiles and having a separate ground attack, like Starcraft's Wraiths and Scouts. Alternatively, they may have separate attacks for large air units and everything else.

Kilrathi capships are cheaper and build faster than Confed capships, while the Confed ships are generally faster. On the other hand, Kilrathi fighters are slower and more powerful than Confed fighters.

Confederation Fighters

  • Cost: M25
  • HP: 20HP/20Shield
  • Attack: 6 damage
  • Speed: fast
  • Cost: M40
  • HP: 30HP/30Shield
  • Attack: 8 damage (equiv to Protoss Interceptor)
  • Cost: M75/V25
  • HP: 35HP/35Shield
  • Attack: 12 damage
  • Cost: M50/V50
  • HP: 20HP/60Shield
  • Attack: 10 damage
  • Speed: fast

The Rapier must be researched, and it replaces the Scimitar when you get it.

Confederation Capital Ships

  • HP:1000HP/500 shields
  • Fighter Capacity: 20
  • Launch Capacity: 2 per second
  • Attack: 20 (*2) (must rotate to target)
  • Torpedo Capacity: 4

The Bengal is a HUGE ship that is designed to attack enemy starbases on its own. It carries a fleet of starfighters and has forward-mounted guns and torpedoes that do 100 damage for a one-time cost of M15.

It will probably take time to rotate, something no other ship needs to do in Starcraft.

  • HP: 250HP / 200 shield
  • FIghter Capacity: 10
  • Launch Capacity: 2 per second

The Ranger is a pure carrier with no attack power.

  • HP: 200HP/100shield
  • Attack: 35 (battlecruiser)
  • Torpedo Capacity: 4

The Exeter is a battlecruiser with shields and torpedoes.

  • HP: 50HP, 50shield
  • Attack: 12 damage (forward)
  • Attack: 6 damage (same as infantry) (auto-firing) (270 degrees from sides to rear)
  • Torpedo Capacity: 2

The Broadsword is a bomber that is treated as a capship in-game. It has a short-range basic attack that does 12 damage, and short-range turrets that do 6 damage but cannot target units in front of it.

Kilrathi Fighters

Kilrathi fighters are generally stronger for their cost than Confed fighters but are slower and have a slower turning radius.

  • Cost: M25
  • HP: 30HP/30Shield
  • Attack: 6 damage
  • Cost: M50/V25
  • HP: 40HP/40Shield
  • Attack:10 damage
  • Cost: M75/V25
  • HP: 60HP/40Shield
  • Attack: 12 damage

The Hriss must be researched before it can be built.

Kilrathi Capital Ships

  • HP: 200HP and 150 shields.
  • Attack: 16 damage
  • Fighter Capacity: 6
  • Launch Capacity: 2 per second

Kilrathi carriers are along the lines of Protoss Carriers with weaker defenses and lower fighter capacity. They should have a relatively weak laser attack, say about 16 damage. They can hold a maximum of six fighters and launch two at a time. [consider launching one at a time; will it be fast enough to overcome a single defensive unit?]

  • HP: 100HP/100shield
  • Attack: 35 damage
  • Torpedo Capacity: 4

The Ralari destroyer is a weak Battlecruiser.

  • HP: 30HP, 30 shield
  • Attack: 10 damage
  • Attack: 6 damage (same as infantry) (auto-firing) (180 degrees from sides to rear)

The Kilrathi equivalent to the Broadsword is slower and more fragile but has a longer-ranged basic attack. It can hit barracks and protoss cannons from beyond their firing range.

Common ships


Same as Terran.

Comm Relay
  • Cost: M25/V10

An undefended satellite. Can be upgraded to have a sensor sweep that costs 100 energy. Can be upgraded to be a passive detector.

Common ground forces

Both WC-Terrans and Kilrathi would be able to recruit Marines.

Both sides have a lack of ground forces. Maybe intentional to force the use of aircraft.

Confed/Kilrathi Ground Structures

Both would use Terran ground structures for command center and supply.

Confed and Kilrathi have independent shipyards and barracks. Each could be an independent side, but as a player you will have access to both once they form an alliance.

Defensive structures:


Ye olde bunker for turtling until you can get carriers up.

Missile Launcher

The same as the Terran missile launcher

Surface to Space Missile Launcher

A missile launcher that only attacks large air units. It is like a bigger, slower, and more powerful missile defense system with a longer range.

Surface Turrets [may be removed]

Rapid firing surface to surface weapon. May not be necessary with the bunker.

Flak Cannon

Applies splash damage to air targets, but is short ranged. It is good for discouraging muta swarms.

Confed/Kilrathi Tactics

Turtle and build carriers because you are weaker than any other faction on all other attributes. Then build escort craft to protect your carriers because they are weaker than Protoss carriers.

Confed and Kilrathi carriers can launch more fighters than the Protoss, but the fighters launch more slowly and are easier to destroy. Multiple carriers will be needed to attack hardpoints or else the fighters will be picked off as they attack two at a time.

Other Factions

I had planned to bring in the Battlestar Galactica before deciding that Wing Commander had more opportunity for infrastructure and story. We might replace the Tiger's Claw in the story with the Galactica and give the Confed tech tree a weaker carrier that they can build before they have the industry to support a Bengal class. The Ranger class carrier has been added for this purpose.


Terran Characters

Jim Raynor

Raynor is the same character from Starcraft. He appears with the Battlecruiser Hyperion.

Generic Battlecruiser Captain

A generic Battlecruiser captain represents the Terran Dominion. He holds a high enough position to have the Elites under his command.

The Terran Elites

Four very powerful units that you get for a few special missions. All of them have 300+ hit points and regenerate hit points over time.

Note: their talents will have to be cut down to fit the available number of buttons. Some can be hidden by being automatically used by the CPU when needed but not available through the UI.

  • Liftoff
  • Heat Vision (10-damage rapid anti-air long range)
  • Scanner Sweep

Detector, 12 armor, 40-strong punch attack,

Son Goku
  • Liftoff
  • Kamehameha (a Nuke)
  • Senzou Bean (single use, restores health when killed)

6 armor, 12-rapid punch attack. Is from Dragonball Z.

Lina Inverse
  • Liftoff
  • Fireball (possibly auto-cast)
  • Psi Storm
  • Dragu Slave (a Nuke)

5 armor, 25-sword attack. Is from Slayers.

Celes Chere
  • Liftoff
  • Heal (Automatic)
  • Psi Storm
  • Ultima (a Nuke)
  • Life3 (hidden/auto; allies who this is cast on revive on death)

Detector, 8 armor, 20-sword attack. Recovers mana when she suffers damage. Is from Final Fantasy 6.

Protoss Characters

Judicator Sokherlis

The aggressive Protoss admiral who starts a few unnecessary fights, serving as a reason for your good guys to fight the Protoss a few times. The name has no meaning.


A joke character with the same attributes as Dragoon Fenix.

Zerg Characters

Kerrigan, Queen of Blades

The same character from Starcraft.

Pez, Traitor Cerebrate

A cerebrate that is plotting against Kerrigan. It may have no further mention in the game.

Unnamed Traitor Undermind

You control a group of traitorous Zerg for one mission and are promptly killed by Kerrigan between scenes, referenced in a throwaway line. You don't even get a name in the liner notes.

Fuzz, Allied Cerebrate

There is a cerebrate that the Idiots have to rescue in one of the missions. It is just another Zerg cerebrate.

Idiot Characters

Beavis and Butthead

They always appear as a pair in briefings. In game, there is no single Beavis or Butthead character but you control swarms of them.

Trekkie Characters

Captain Dum-Fuc Ritard

Captain of the USS Aintitpretty, a Galaxy-class Trekkie ship.

Section 31 Leaders

The evil Trekkies. TODO: name them and write script.

Confed Characters

Colonel Hoodlum

A clone of Colonel Halcyon from Wing Commander. May be removed.

Kilrathi characters

TODO: The plot calls for some Kilrathi leaders.


Sounds like “Kid Rock”.


Sounds like “Kick ass”


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