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Starcraft: Battle for Char


Massively-multiplayer online Starcraft using a modification of the existing game engine.

Players play on the same maps as usual, with up to 8 players per map, they but can move between maps.


The player conquers a bunch of territory, then logs out and leaves it to the AI.

The AI takes over the abandoned forces and waits to be conquered by new players.


Multiple Games on Multiple Maps

The game will have infinite expanding maps. Each map has its own CPU thread. Units can be moved from one map to another.

I see two ways of doing this:

1. Airborne Assault:

  • When all opponents have been cleared from an area, beacons appear on the corners.
  • You can only bring air units to the beacons.
  • The beacons will teleport your units to the next map.

2. Intermediary Maps

  • The gameplay maps are as usual.
  • Surrounding each gameplay map are eight intermediary maps that have no starting positions and few resources.
    • The intermediary maps are designed to look good when the different maps are attached together.
  • You can simply walk across the map, or attack from any direction.

I like the idea of intermediary maps.

Regrowing Resources

If left untouched for 15 minutes, crystals and geysers will slowly regrow.


Crystals grow in clusters, which gives us different possible Grow order options:

  1. Each crystal grows independently.
  2. One Core crystal grows first, and nearby crystals grow when it is maxed
  3. The growth is randomly assigned to any incomplete crystal.

It should take several days of real time for an entire crystal cluster to regrow.


Geysers will always produce Vespene Gas. This is fine when games are 45 minutes long, but not when an AI player has been collecting gas for days.

Rule change:

  • Geysers are now Depleted when they hit 1,000 instead of 0.
  • When geysers hit 0, they are Out and stop producing.

AI behaviour

This is what happens when an AI is left in control of a map square.

Resource Gathering

The AI should attempt to collect the resources in the area near its command centers.

There will be no regrowth of these resources under the assumption that the AI is constantly taxing them.

The AI will build no new resource gatherers.


When the AI reaches its 200-unit limit, it should send attackers in all four directions.

AI attack parties should not include builders.

The AI should be smart enough to account for defenses that destroyed its last attack parties.

The AI may decide which of the four defenders was the largest threat and allocate forces accordingly.


The AI should spend a portion of of its income on building defensive posts.


The AI should not research any new technological advancements.

New player handicap

Players can be added to a game already in progress if there is a position with at least 5,000 minerals in the area.

A player who enters an existing game should be given units and resources equal to the construction cost of all buildings and units owned by the most powerful player on the map, plus that player's resources. The new player still has the challenge of building buildings.

  • The new player should have a builder for every builder that the leading player has.
  • The transports used to carry the ground units in are charged at half value only.
  • Resources are split about 1/3 ground units, 1/3 air units, and 1/3 resources.
  • The new player is given at least 1,000 minerals no matter what other calculations take place.
  • Any units lost within 30 seconds of arriving are replaced and given an air escort (Wraith, Scout, Muta + Scourge) with a new 30 second counter.

If a player begins on a new map, an AI player is added for a challenge.

Gameplay modifications

Some parts of the game should be modified now that the game is on multiple maps.



  • Nuke: The nuclear silo must be within a game-map's diameter of the target.

Races and Factions

Each player is assigned to a random race and faction. Certain units and abilities are only available to one faction. Different factions with the races are at war with one another, unless otherwise stated. Players of the same race and faction are automatically allied if they run into each other. Players of the same race may ally unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: More work is needed in this area. NOTE: Consider including more specialty units from existing expansion packs

Terran Factions

Sons of Korhol

May not ally with the United Earth Directorate

United Earth Directorate

Can build Valkyries. May not ally with the Sons of Korhol.

Alpha Squadron

Raynor's Raiders

Can build Vultures. May ally with any Protoss faction.

Protoss Factions

Dark Templar

Can build Dark Templar.

More factions needed

Zerg Factions

??? Brood

Can build Ultralisks.

??? Brood

Can research Plague.

??? Brood

Can build Lurkers.


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