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Stupor Bowl

Football game with emphasis on humour, silliness, and fun rather than realism.

Bears similarities to Tecmo Bowl and Baseball Stars, as well as Warner Brothers cartoons. Teams can be led through multiple seasons. Money is made when you win games, free agents demand high salaries, you can draft new players, players retire.

A 3-d view will make for a much better game than 2d. Camera tracking algorithms for best angle will be difficult. Stretching and fun graphics will be much more difficult in 3-d than in 2-d sprites, since it will have to look somewhat realistic.

Fun Stuff

Players with Attitude make faces at the other team before the hike. If they stick out their tongue, a player with Attitude on the other team may reach across and yank it. This counts as a neutral zone infraction if the refs catch it. High or low Attitude can lead to many different types of interaction between players, referees, and coaches.

Player's ankles can stretch horizontally in some situations. Arms stretch out in some situations. Player can catch ball with tongue like a frog, with one finger, in helmet, etc.

On a Block that is instantly won/lost, the winner can literally pound the loser into the ground with a hamfist, toss them 15ft in the air like Tecmo Bowl, stand still as the loser bounces off them, etc.

Fighting players may be ejected with trebuchets, trap doors, etc.

The ball can sprout legs and run around on a fumble, jump off its tee during a kickoff in high winds. Ball can sprout wings when thrown or kicked.

Pretty much anything can be bent, folded, or spindled for comic effect.

A strong field-goal kick can carry a weak blocker over the uprights.


If you have a perfect season, you play a special bowl game against an immensely powerful team. If you win that, you play an even better team of players with full Attitude (they play dirty). If you win that, your team is recorded on disk into a “hall of fame” and you get a fresh team of rookies.

If you lose every game in a season and aren't thrown out of the league, you get a better team “as a gift from the programmer”.


Players' faces are hidden under their helmets, their heads are basically black shadowy spheres on which eyes and a mouth are drawn for an expression. A player's Mass is fairly obvious by how large they are drawn (calculated before a game).

Retired players may become Coaches or Referees. If all your players in a position are injured, it's possible to send in a Coach.

Referees can make mistakes, although rarely. It's far more likely that a referee got knocked out of commission on a play.


Numerical stats


Higher mass will slow a player down, slow down anyone grappled by a player, require more effort to down the player, throw players farther, and reduce the distance that a player is thrown when tossed.


The amount of skill lost during the offseason increases each year after a player hits 30.

Specialized Skill Sets

There is a skill for every possible position (such as, the guy to the left of the nose tackle on a 3-4 defense). A player's specialization helps prevent errors; only players with 100% specialization and 100% intellect are immune from randomly commiting errors. Specialization increases when a player trains or plays in a position, and decreases when a player hasn't been in a position for a while.

There are also generic field skills, one of which each specialized skill is classified under. When changing to a new position, a player's minimum specialization is at least half of the generic field skill. Field skills increase and decrease along with specialization skills. The generic field skills are:

  • Quarterback
  • Running back
  • Receiver
  • Defensive back
  • Linebacker
  • Lineman
  • Placekicker
  • Punter
  • Coach

General skills

Some of these skills are “innate”, representing a player's natural talents, while training is reflected in specialization and field skills. I should sort out the list between body traits, other natural skills, and trained skills.


High levels cause players to get into fights, insult fans, go to jail, ignore training, harass each other, demand higher pay, etc. Low levels cause players to help each other off the field, celebrate flamboyantly, do benefits for the fans, etc.

Icon ideas:

  • Halo
  • Eagle Scout
  • Happy
  • Neutral
  • Angry
  • Angry + curse bubble
  • Devil horns
  • Mugshot

Players with low Clue/IQ/Intelligence/Intellect will goof up on their plays more often, missing blocks, running routes wrong, letting the ball hit them on a punt, etc. Low Clue may cause players to be late for training, and reduce the effect of training on a player.

Icon ideas:

  • Dunce Cap
  • . O ( thought bubble with a fly buzzing around inside it)
  • . O ( question mark )
  • . O ( dim bulb )
  • Happy
  • Reading a book
  • Graduation Cap
  • Wizard

A player's morale is not (just?) an attribute but is calculated as a factor of the team morale (which shifts greatly during a game) and the player's Attitude (more → amplifies bad morale). A bad Morale will reduce the effectiveness of anything that a player tries to do. Players called off the bench will have a boost to their Morale for the first play if they haven't played in the game yet.

Team morale goes up at good events and down at bad events. Scoring touchdowns, stopping an opposing offense in the Red Zone, and any change in score which brings the team ahead are huge boosts to a team's Morale. Exception: Scoring a field goal does not affect the scoring team's morale, and slightly reduces the morale of a defense that is losing.

Icon ideas:

  • White flag
  • Crying
  • Black cloud over head
  • Frowning
  • Neutral
  • Smiling
  • Thumbs Up
  • Party Hat + Confetti

A player who runs out of Energy sees their effectiveness cut in half, and becomes more prone to injury. Energy is lost through blocking, running around, and being tackled, and can become regained by being benched. A player can expend extra Energy for a boost of speed or power.

Possibility: Split Energy into maximum and current values.

Icon ideas:

  • Collapsed
  • Exhaused player
  • Frowning
  • Neutral
  • Happy
  • Enthusiastic
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Drag Racer

The sum popularity of all your players and coaches affects ticket and football paraphenalia sales, which affects a team's income. Players with high Popularity will demand higher salaries. Popularity is gained through scoring, making big plays, and random events, while it can be lost through random events and/including criminal behaviour.

Icon ideas:

  • Player outline + question mark
  • Richard Nixon
  • Buck-toothed geek
  • Football card
  • Writing autograph
  • Photo in paper
  • Confetti parade
  • Jealous Jesus

Affects ability to catch a ball, grab a loose ball, set a ball for a kicker, save against poor passes.

Icon ideas:

  • Dashed outline of hands (no hands)
  • Cinder blocks for hands
  • Butter Fingers
  • Tiny small hands
  • Big Hands
  • Spiked Hands
  • Spider web between hands

Affects a player's ability to turn corners. A player's speed also affects turn rate linearly: It is very difficult to turn when a player is running at full speed, while any player can turn from a full stop. Ankles also affect how far it takes a player to slow down to a full stop.

Icon ideas:

  • 1-ton weight
  • Peg leg
  • Sandbagged ankles
  • Normal ankles
  • ?
  • Swivelling feet
  • Ballet shoes
  • Disco shoes

Affects a player's ability to run, jump, and block.

Icon ideas:

  • Cement shoes
  • Tied together
  • Iron ball and chain
  • Normal legs
  • Big legs
  • Hermes wings
  • Hot rod
  • Poof + movement stripes (running off icon)

A ffects how likely a player is to block or survive a block. May be nothing more than a function of Lineman skill, clue, and mass.

Icon ideas:

  • Gravestone
  • White flag
  • Skinny little guy
  • Normal guy
  • Big guy
  • + holding stop sign
  • + in tank
  • Brick wall

Ability to finish off a tackle. There should be a separate skill for evading tackles.

Icon ideas:

  • Air (outline?)
  • Scarecrow
  • Scrawny guy
  • Normal guy
  • Big guy
  • Hugely buffed guy
  • Pouncing lion or tiger
  • Steamroller

Distance a ball can be thrown. May be replaced with “arm” statistic.

  • Dropping ball straight down
  • Throwing a 1-ton weight
  • Frail arm
  • Normal arm
  • Ball with wings
  • Ball streaking
  • Ballista
  • Howitzer
Throw accuracy

Chance of the ball landing in the right place.

Icon ideas:

  • Dan Quayle (Rush Limbaugh? Bill O'Reilly?)
  • Lousy weatherman
  • Coin toss
  • Dart board (scattered)
  • Bomb sight
  • Bullseye
  • Arrow in apple
  • Arrow splitting arrow in apple

Accuracy of a kick. Icons are same as Throw Accuracy.

Skill notes

Kicking skill is added to Placekicking or Punting positional skills.

Fumbling is a measure of Hands + Clue + Positional skill.

Many skills reported to the player are a combination of other skills, which may be hidden.


Players lose a bit of skill/etc during offseason. More skill is lost the higher the player's age. Coach runs around and improves team in mini-game reminiscent of Harvest Moon. Time limit exists but is enough to get plenty of work done. Players can be dragged to different places to increase their skills, and different items can be given (or literally shoved into) the players. Players with bad Attitude may not show up. Players with high Clue can often find their way to the places they ought to be. You will also have to kick a number of players off the team or else you will be fined for every player over the limit, and then you'll have to remove them anyway.


Some goods can be given to a player to increase their skills. Other goods will effect the player's training (and should be applied early in training for the greatest effect). Most goods may be used only once, while others are reusable tools.

Unused Goods remain to be used the next season. Assistant Coaches may also deliver goods and drag players around. Players will voluntarily leave positions when tired, less likely if specialized and clueful.


Increases clue at a fast rate while player is reading it. Player stops whatever they were doing to read.


Increases player's mass.


Increases player's hands slightly if player fails to catch. Reusable.

TNT Bundle

Increases Attitude, Blocking, Tackling, Kicking and Tossing. Rare.


Increases Hands, Toss Accuracy and Kicking Accuracy.


Guarantees player won't injure self, leave position on own, or lose morale during the training session.

First Aid Kit

Heals or partially heals any injured player.


Point at Chalkboard in War Room to accelerate increase in players' Clue. Whack sleeping players to wake them. Whack awake players to interrupt their actions and encourage them to move in the direction you are facing. Reusable.


Prevents a player from sleeping. Effect of training is increased slightly for a minute.

Nudie Mag

Increases player's Morale and Attitude. Reduces Clue. Player stops whatever they were doing to read.

Candy Bar

Increases energy.

Training locations

Players get different benefits when actively training in different locations.

  • War Room - Increases clue
  • Locker Room - Reduces attitude (making friends with teammates)
  • Mess Hall - Increases mass
  • Gym Punching Bag- Increases attitude, tackling, and blocking. Max 1/bag.
  • Gym Weights - Increases tackling, blocking, and tossing.
  • Field Track - Increases legs.
  • Field Tires - Increases ankles.
  • Field Dummies - Increases tackling
  • Field far end zone - Increases tossing and throw accuracy (QB practice). Maximum 3.
  • Field far - Increases hands and Receiver/DB skill (catching tosses)
  • Field kicking - Increases kicking and kick accuracy
  • Hallways and rest areas - Increases morale (resting), restores energy
  • Trash Can - Drag unwanted players here and toss 'em out.

Fun Stuff during training

Coach can throw a ball for receiver training. If the ball hits a seagull, the bird becomes a Turkey.

Players on Field Track will run over coach if you're in the way

Critical failures on skill attempts produce exaggerated effects: Players barely moving on the track, thrown balls going nowhere or falling behind the thrower, kicker missing the ball and falling on face, players on tire track kick tires up into the air, players on tackling dummies get bounced off and launched across the field, players falling asleep in War Room.


A bunch of players out in the middle of a football field, different colour uniforms for whether they're 1st, 2nd, etc round picks. You get a crane and move it around picking up players while the other teams have cranes grabbing players for themselves. Agents and coaches float overhead and point out players they think you should get. When there is one team left in a draft round, that round's players jump onto the team automatically (a team can trade for extra picks in a round).



Stadiums can be located in various notable locations in North America such as Alert. Every season, teams may pick up and move to another city. The regional climate counts: During snow, players slip on the ice and lose morale, not to mention the troubles caused by polar bears. During storms, lightning can strike random players, coaches, and referees, flooding makes it difficult to run and jump, and passes are incomplete when they hit the water. Dust devils can interfere with a receiver's running his routes.

Weather conditions may include:


  • Players slowly lose Morale
  • Benched players recover Energy more slowly and may become encased in ice
  • Less energy is expended through on-field action
  • Polar bears roam the field and can tackle players
  • Players may slip on the ice


  • Players slowly lose Morale
  • Lightning randomly strikes players, coaches, and referees
  • Movement slowed depending on height of water
  • Fumbles float on the water, dip underneath
  • Passes become incomplete when the ball hits the water, not the ground


  • More energy is expended through running and blocking
  • Dust devils traverse the stadium, throwing players around and interfering with passes
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