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Component: Tiled, Walkable Maps


A library for tiled maps of the sort seen in classic '80s-'90s JRPGs.

Desired features

Basic features

  • Mechanism for characters and AIs to walk in line with tiles
    • The engine should also allow for free movement if desired
  • Hidden terrain (buildings)
    • Ability to go “behind” previously obscured terrain and see what is there
  • Interactions with items on the map (Final Fantasy style)

More advanced features

  • A map editor
    • Ability to add generic features that span multiple tiles
  • Ability to have more than one feature per tile
  • Ability to have multiple floors on one map (bridges overhanging roads, etc)

List of prospective libraries

  • … TODO ….

RPG Maker provides a full-featured RPG engine.


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