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A RPG with a self-sustaining economic engine that causes the NPC fighters to go out and start fights with each other without the player needing to be involved.


What attributes would be needed for an auto-Touhou game? What components are needed for an engine for NPCs to automatically start fights with each other and go home while the uninvolved player wanders around doing the player quests.


A table/graph of everybody's relationships towards each other:

  • Love/Hate
  • Fear/Superiority
  • Dependence (Debt?) /Independence
  • Familiarity (resistance to change for other values)

Desire to fight

Mechanisms for triggering a desire to fight.

General mechanisms:

  • Boredom! Increases steadily over time. When maxed, the NPC will try to find something to do. Different characters max out their boredom more quickly.
    • Duty-to-task (offsets boredom) depends on character's interest in the current task. Fighting for a cause or for a close friend will produce a high duty-to-task.
  • Insults/Pride. Characters with high pride are likely to insult others and to not take insults well.
  • Aggression/Pacifism. Characters with high Aggression may hunt for someone to beat up. i.e. they would perceive a greater benefit from the task of fighting some random person than they would perceive as a loss in making an enemy.

Target-specific mechanisms:

  • Recognizing threats (Incidents) will increase the desire to fight whoever is believed to be responsible.
    • Threat to a friend
    • Threat to an institution?
  • Known enemies may be attacked for the fun of it.
  • The duty to a friend will cause a fighter to fight whoever the friend wants them to.

Decision making

The game needs a something-to-do engine. Different characters will have different character-appropriate choices of something to do. The engine will select something to do from a task list. Each task may have:

  • Perceived benefits
  • Perceived costs
  • Location
  • Recurrence; will the task return to the list after completion
  • Time since last done - short time decreases perceived benefit

A mechanism of classifying tasks so that “beat up specific person” will also fulfill the task of “beat up somebody”.

Incident recognition

The game needs an Incident recognition engine. When NPCs (or the player) do something that qualifies as an Incident, other NPCs need to recognize it.

Arrival recognition

NPCs must recognize when a person enters the area and choose how to react: ignore, greet, insult, start fight. The AI should store the time the person was met so this process does not repeat itself if the person leaves and immediately returns.


A communication engine for sending simple messages:

  • Join my party to perform quest (visit area / fight person).
  • Perform my task for me
  • Move out of my way (or else?)


Sinks and supplies and costs and benefits


  • S+ Regenerates
  • S- Fights
  • C Likely loss to fight
  • B Health to regenerate (foregone if choosing to fight)

Fighter Reputation

  • S+ Defeating someone
  • S- Being defeated
  • C Estimated lost reputation
  • B Estimated gain


  • S+ Regenerates
  • S- Doing anything
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