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Also known as “The Game That Kicks Tanarus's Ass” or “BLAZEMONGER on treads.”

Read The Jihad To Destroy Barney FPS. Imagine it with vehicles as the central design unit rather than people. Then imagine all this stuff:

Buildings a la RTS/SimCity. Yes, this becomes a first-person Command and Conquer wannabe. There are construction units that go out and build stuff, there are “fortifications” which are basically building blocks that you can build with, there are places to mine resources and research technology, there's a tech tree that starts at shieldless [pre?]modern tanks with no aircraft and goes onto munchy blowstuffupers, space stations, and interplanetary warfare.

Hey look, we're going into space here too. Let's reimplement Wing Commander in this game engine as well!



If you don't feel like taking a tank out for a spin, you can grab a sidearm (which amounts to a mk1 laser or a single missile) and wander around really slowly wishing you had a ride. Since tanks can be costly, you just might end up getting delegated to infantry duty. Frags become more important now. An infantry unit is basically a really small, slow, light, and weak vehicle with two slots that doesn't require any energy and has stealth, cannon, flag capper, and missile launcher preloaded. Its hit points would be 1 armour and 1 crit. A pilot can abandon his vehicle, jump out, and be an unarmed Infantry unit running back to base for another tank. An Infantry unit can jump onto a passing tank from above and hitch a ride. Somehow, Infantry must be denied the right to use shields. If a level is designed well, Infantry can get into some sniper positions that no other unit is capable of reaching.


Gravity and mass matter. A large tank falling on a light one can kill the lighter one. Infantry can be removed the easy way. Aircraft can kamikaze if they feel like it, but they'll generally do more damage to themselves than the target. Gravity pulls physical projectile weaponry downward, including AP shells. Aircraft are somehow able to fly, but not get out of the atmosphere unless they are space capable. An aircraft that ends up on the ground without landing nicely will probably not be able to move again, and will need to be towed back to base. Explosives in a vehicle will explode when the vehicle is destroyed, damaging nearby units.

Capturing vehicles

You can capture unmanned enemy vehicles by towing them back to your base.

Ratio rebalancing

Since it becomes far easier to kill some enemies than others, your ratio that matters becomes the value of equipment lost in your deaths versus the value of enemy equipment destroyed and captured.

Recon rebalancing

In order to offset the value of owning the map, recons may be costly to maintain. Recons are difficult to destroy and very expensive to build. Base recons are more expensive, becoming even more expensive their distance from the nearest base recon or from your command post if such exists. If all of a side's base recons are destroyed, the side is eliminated and its players are conscripted into the losing team on that world. Flagcaps ought to damage all of a side's base recons, if flagcaps are still in the game.

Missile behaviour

Missiles don't explode when out of fuel, but just get pulled down by gravity and explode where they land.



Extra armour can be added to a tank at a cost of around 10 armour to a slot. Tech can raise this.

Piercing Shells

“AP” shells will be renamed “SP” for shield piercing since that's what they actually do, while the new AP shells will pierce armour but not shields. Regular shells don't pierce anything but are cheaper and either you can carry more or they do more damage or they fire faster. Actually, it'll depend on your tech. Any kind of shell does more damage than frags to an unshielded vehicle.

Building Blocks

The cost of building blocks ranges from very cheap for the weakest and next few difficulties to destroy, while a block with 10000 hitpoints will be extremely expensive.


Since there will initially be more jobs than human players will be available for or will want to do, computer controlled AI can be sent to do things like build and repair walls, tow vehicles, mine for resources, deliver anything that needs to be delivered somewhere, operate launch vehicles, etc. Human players choosing to do any job will complete it quicker than an equal AI driven vehicle, and combat AI goes from a low of “utterly sucks” to a high of “just learned to circle but keeps bumping into walls”, so you will want some humans in combat even though it is beneficial to the team to perform non-combat roles.

Bug: The whole RTSness of this takes away from the neverending gameplay that Tanarus has, and becomes a detriment. A whole bunch of gameplay kluges will be needed to get anything like that back, but it is necessary to maintain a fairly even match during the low to medium tech periods. The idea of separate planets with several sides each and eventually waiting for the surprise of a dozen tanks of unknown quality being dropped in the midst of yours and your enemies adds some interest to the game; as such, it should be normal for interplanetary travel to be discovered before all sides on a world are defeated.

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