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Weed Racer


♫ ♫ ♫
You see he's wasted as his car is sliding 'cross the track
He only wins because the other driver's high on crack
Go, Weed Racer!
Get stoned, Weed Racer!
You're stoned, Weed Racer, stoned!
♫ ♫ ♫


A driving-game / Speed Racer parody where every racer, player and AI, is constantly crashing and failing.


Apogee's Death Rally and RC Pro-Am.


Your objective is to cross the finish line first. Crossing the line in one piece is not going to happen; in normal gameplay, you will die numerous times along the way.

Development Roadmap

Version 0.1

  • Basic track, routes, and boundaries
  • Detection of crossing the finish line
  • Counting laps

Version 0.2

  • Implement a basic enemy racer AI

Version 0.3

Version 0.X

  • …TODO…


Technical Features

The AI drives badly but is still a challenge.

Gameplay may pause for a moment to show anime-style cutscenes. Alternately, the cutscenes may simply appear on a half or quarter of the screen while the game continues.

Multiplayer would be a desirable feature.


Gameplay Features

Input controls

  • Arrow keys: Drive
  • Keyboard letters A-J: actions
    • A-I: Use an item. TODO: list items.
    • J: Smoke a joint

Game rules

You have a stonerometer that measures how stoned you are. The more stoned you are, the slower your reaction time is. This creates an incentive against being stoned, but there are consequences if you fail to stay stoned:

  • When you try to use any of your items, Weed Racer may choose to smoke a joint instead. The chance is (100% - Stonedness) / 2
  • When your stonedness reaches zero, Weed Racer will get the munchies and start eating junk food. This will increase the car's mass and permanently slow it down until Weed blows up the car again.

Game challenges

Other than the novelty of managing your expectations of where you will be at a short time in the future, the challenges are the same as in similar racing-combat games.

  • Other players
  • Obstacles

Useful Strategies

It will probably be good to keep a low level of stonedness to minimize reaction time.

Some players are going to memorize the track so they can pass it with a full stonerometer.


There's a racing competition where everybody is a drug abuser.

The referee waves the flag and shouts “Go!” but everyone is too high to move, so he has to say it again.


Player Character

Weed Racer is drawn just like Speed Racer except with glazed-over eyes, a silly grin, and a joint in his hand. When he wins a race, he uses the trophy to smoke a bowl.

His car, the Smoke 420, looks like the Mach 5 with a few modifications:

  • The M on the front is a W.
  • The missile-shaped sides resemble joints.
  • The nose point is de-emphasized, removed or rounded out.
  • The steering wheel has buttons with the letters A-I in a circle surrounding one giant button with the letter J
    • Alternately, just use ABCDEF and J. It depends on how many items will be in the game.


Every so often you will see cutscenes of Weed Racer's allies cheering him on or watching in horror as he crashes.

  • Trixie: Recast as '90s heroin-chic
  • The monkey: Replace with the monkey
  • The fat guy: Give him some drug to abuse, possibly alcohol


Every one of the competing drivers will have a drug habit and a unique personality reflected in their cutscene artwork.

Most of them will be expies of famous people known for car accidents, like Ted Kennedy, and/or drug abuse.

Raver X

The most difficult enemy is a parody of '90s ecstacy/rave culture, with pastels and glow sticks and a pacifier around his neck.


Copy ideas from RC Pro-Am, Death Rally, Mario Kart, Spy Hunter, etc.

Bonuses / Maluses

Permanent bonuses / maluses

These do not disappear when used:

  • Zippers: temporary speed boost
  • Dirt patch: Slow down
  • Oil patch: Lose control


  • Missiles - Forward-firing
  • Smoke screen - yes, that kind of smoke
  • Oil slick
  • Mines
  • Spring - jump over gaps and obstacles
  • Giant Gatling Gun - pops up out of nowhere and blasts the nearest enemy to pieces

Game Deliverables




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