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Wing Commander Legacy



Guide a different pilot down the same Vega campaign. Show that the universe is big enough for there to be two significant stories on the same ship at the same time with neither story greatly overlapping. Blair has to sleep, after all.

Use a new engine with more features than were in the original game.



The story is very similar to that of the original Wing Commander. You are a new pilot to the Tiger's Claw, coming in on the same group as Blair, but by chance you get assigned to the Blue Devils squadron instead and you rarely run into him again. When Blair gets assigned to the Blue Devils, you get assigned to the Bees for some long range patrolling and transport retrieval, and you keep missing each other like that. The Claw goes through the same star systems on the same campaign.

Bonus story

After beating the game, you may run through Blair's original story on the new engine.


Player Character

The player plays as 2nd Lieutenant Greene, a pilot with green hair. This is a direct shout-out, mockery,and hey-it-works of Blair having blue hair. Greene is similar in personal style to WC1 Blair: quietly competent, respectful of others, etc.

Alternate player characters

In multiplayer mode, each player may pick from additional pilots with different voices.

  • Fireblade - A young woman, short and thin, with red hair tied back and two bangs in front. She is unsure of her abilities.
  • Valkyrie - A pilot briefly mentioned in the original WC. Let's give her a name and a face (nordic, blonde).
  • Maverick - Blair will be a multiplayer choice.

Main Allies

Just about everyone from WC1 should make an appearance.

Main Enemies

New Kilrathi aces will need to be invented for this story because Blair shot down all the ones we know about.

Minor Enemies

In addition to the same exact Kilrathi ships as in WC1, there may be an appearance from a Kilrathi patrol vessel.


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