Tripoli falls to Libyan rebels

So reports Ben Hubbard and Karin Laub of the Associated Press. At time of writing, Moammar Khadaffi is nowhere to be found but his son Seif has been captured and his son Mohammed is said to be negotiating his surrender. The loss of the capitol will be demoralizing to loyalists elsewhere in Libya. Unless there is a miracle in Khadaffi’s favour, they will soon surrender.

Everything went right for the rebellion. They captured an Army base on the way in; the weapons must have helped. They imported additional weapons along with 200 troops by ship; I was wondering when they were going to use the sea to get around the front lines on land. The first defending forces they met in Tripoli surrendered immediately, which may have been arranged in advance. They had operatives in Tripoli who had survived long enough to become a disruptive force throughout the city, aiding the two-pronged attack.

The religious aspect of the rebellion may become a cause for concern. Once the rebels are free of what they were fighting against, we should see disagreement on they were fighting for. The rebellion’s leaders had presented themselves to the world as free-thinking liberals in the Western tradition. If the mosques are participating in the rebellion, then are these Westernized liberal leaders really leading anyone? Will the soldiers who shouted “God is great” serve a secular Westernized government? It will surprise no one who remembers the Iranian revolution, or the Egyptian one, if the Westernized liberal leaders are soon made irrelevant and replaced by a coordinated religious-political-paramilitary syndicate.

Update: The rebels’ new Constitution states that Islam is the principal source of legislation. The free-thinking liberals, if there ever were any of any significance, have already lost.

Update #2: Mohammed Khadaffi has escaped from his rebel captors, and Seif Khadaffi is free and claims to have never been captured. The fighting will continue for a little while longer, but the rebels can draw from the population in Tripoli and NATO can directly supply them with any weapons they need. It should be over soon.