Spooky Action At A Distance

News item: American lawyer Franklin Lamb was shot and wounded in Tripoli after choosing to go on a bike ride on the same day as the battle for that city. What is an American doing in Tripoli? Who goes on a bike ride in the middle of the battle?

He is the director for Americans for Middle East Peace, also known as Americans Concerned for Middle East Peace. What is a peace activist doing in a war zone where the war has already broken out and both sides would see cause to shoot him?

He is “a Beirut-based lawyer by profession”. What is an American doing in Beirut? How can a “peace activist” who resides in a third-world country afford a five-star hotel? Who is paying his bills?

“Dr. Lamb has appeared on Press TV, Al-Manar and several other media outlets. His articles and analyses have been published by Counter Punch, Veterans Today, Intifada Palestine, Electronic Intifada, Opinion Maker, Dissident Voice, Daily Star and Al Ahram.” What does an American do to get invited to Iranian state television and Hezbollah party television? What kind of “peace activist” has his articles published on two web sites with “Intifadah” in their name?

Two intriguing possibilities arise: He is a spy and he is not one of the CIA’s. His curious bike ride in the middle of a gun battle would be explained if he were delivering a message, or if he is simply crazy. A review of his writings as Franklin P. Lamb shows him to be a Hezbollah supporter and an enthusiastic spreader of lies about Israel, using every “stolen” “apartheid” falsehood he can and mourning the Arab League armies’ failure to massacre the Jews in 1948 as the “Nakba”, the great disaster of failing to complete the Holocaust that Hitler started.

Lamb is associated with the Palestine Civil Rights Campaign which flies the Arab Nation flag of genocide and lists two “Friends” on its web site. One is the Palestine Think Tank of Haitham Sabbah, a notorious racist and terrorist supporter who republishes the anti-semitic cartoons of Carlos Latuff and blames the Jews for the Utoya massacre in Norway. Other members of the think tank include Mary Rizzo and the neo-Nazi Gilad Atzmon. The PCRC’s other close association is the Isam Fares Institute of the American University of Beirut. Lamb is also the director of the Sabra-Shatila Foundation, which memorializes the Army of South Lebanon’s massacres there by blaming them on the Jews.

Who shot him? The most likely possibility is a Khadaffi loyalist but it could also have been any of the world’s spy agencies that fights terrorism, or a stray bullet.